My Banana Meltdown

So this is how it all began, I wrote a blog post a few weeks ago called Why You Should (or Shouldn’t) Do it Yourself ,which basically weighed up the pros and cons of DIY. I personally do like to try to do some DIY hair products, such as leave-in conditioner concoctions and hair masks on occasion. Recently, I’ve been feeling hypocritical as I often tell people they should do a deep conditioning hair mask once a week, when in fact I haven’t done one in a month, so I woke up and decided I am going to make a protein mask. I made myself some scrambled egg whites on toast for breakfast and separated 4 egg yolks into a bowl for my mask. I then added a mashed up banana some olive oil and a squeeze of lemon juice to make my finished DIY mask as pictured below.


  • Eggs = Protein
  • Bananas = Vitamins and very moisturising
  • Olive oil = Moisturising and hair growth
  • Lemon juice = Stimulate scalp

I noticed that the banana was a bit chunky and wasn’t quite smooth but I used a hair dye brush and started painting the mask into my hair focusing on the roots and the ends. I then popped a plastic bag on my head and decided to leave this mix in my hair for 30 minutes before I jumped in the bath and wash it out. This is where it all went downhill. While in the bath I was washing my hair when I realised there were thousands of little pieces of banana trapped in my hair. Clearly, I had not thought this through. I washed my hair with shampoo 3 times trying to scrub out the smushed banana remains. It looked like I had boogey in every strand of my hair and it was disgusting! I had no idea what to do. I had been so stupid, of course, if the banana was still chunky it would stick in my hair. Fortunately, my mum and brother were able to help me pick the remains of my hair for the next hour.

After this gruelling process, I was very happy with the results, my hair felt shinier and smoother. But take this as a warning of the dangers of DIY. It is extremely important that before you start something new, you check out a recipe and make sure you have a clear idea of what to do and what will you need to do it. I definitely did not double-check the consistency the banana was meant to be, and after a quick google search, I found that some people had faced a similar fate to experimenting with a banana hair mask as I had. Β I also noticed the people that had primarily been using this mask had straight or wavy hair so it’s really important to check who is doing the mask. People with straighter hair would have a much easier time washing out banana chunks, than with my curly hair. Obviously, despite my complaints, it was not all bad and I was really happy to see my hair after we had picked all the banana chunks out of it. My curls were extremely soft and moisturised after using the mask and my curls look very defined as you can see in the photo below. So give it a go doing it yourself, but always be cautious.


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– Paris x

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  1. Jessica says:

    Such a funny post! This happened to me too once because I was being lazy and mushed my banana instead of getting the blender out! πŸ˜‚ I use advocaco oil instead of olive oil as it suits my hair better.

    Love your blogposts – keep them up!!! Xx


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