Too Blessed to be stressed💫

Hair can be stressful!!! But what does stress actually do to your hair?

A few days ago, my friend Jemmar messaged me panicked about her hair and the fallout that she was experiencing. She had been under a lot of stress and pressure due to her busy schedule, so knew her hair loss was a result of this. She asked for a personal hair analysis so I gave her some tips to help her know how to improve her regime to look after her hair during this stressful time. She loved it so I thought I’d share them with you all. But can stress really have an impact on your hair?

Why stress matters and how to counteract it

When you’re under stress, you can start to feel anxious or exhausted, struggle to concentrate and even feel sick with a headache or upset stomach. Stress can also be a cause of hair loss. When stress has you “pulling out your hair,” as the expression goes, you could be literally doing just that. Stress can even cause serious conditions like Alopecia and Telogen effluvium. Alopecia is the sudden loss of large clumps of hair in areas around your scalp, and Telogen effluvium is the term for hair loss that occurs temporarily as a result of some trauma, stress or shock to your body.

The way I see it, your hair isn’t a vital organ, so when your body is under stress and pressure it will neglect the ‘unimportant’ parts of your body to ensure survival. That is why stress and illness can affect your hair so quickly. But how can you solve this?

While it is easy to say, ‘Don’t get stressed’, it is never as easy when trying to put that phrase into practice. With exams and deadlines always around the corner, it can be difficult to unwind and destress. So here are some ways you can still look after your hair.

-Stay Hydrated

Your hair is like a plant; when watering a plant, it is better to pour water into the soil rather than directly on to the plant because the water is absorbed in through the roots. This is the same with your hair, while it is great to spray your hair with water, your water intake is so important to the health of your hair. You should be drinking 8 glasses of water a day but if that’s a struggle start my drinking a cup each day and then increasing it to 2 then 3 and so on. This will do wonders, trust me.

-Avoid Tight Hairstyles

It is easy to put your hair in hairstyles like braids, weave or cornrows which are low maintenance and protective styles. But this can be doing more damage than good. When you are under stress, your hair can become weaker at the root so tight hairstyles like these can pull the hair out and weigh the hair down which will show when you take your hair out. Alternatively, wear your hair in simple plaits or twists or wrapped in a scarf. Protective hairstyles are great but make sure it isn’t tight. Not only are these styles tight but they make it difficult to moisturise your hair which is key to health and length retention.


So how can moisturizing help to counteract the effects of stress? As I said your hair isn’t a vital organ so when you are under stress your body will neglect your hair. This is why it’s essential to be giving your hair the extra loving it needs in terms of moisture. Definitely incorporate hair masks and deep conditioning, natural moisturisers like Aloe vera and oils can really help to soothe and strengthen your scalp as well. Look for hair products that focus on strengthening as this will help with hair retention and allow your hair to withstand stress.

Not only do these tips work with stress, these are applicable for when you have a cold as well (like me 90% of the time). It’s super important to look after yourself and look after your health.

Hope you enjoy and take on these tips to keep your hair stress levels, to a minimum. If you want to have personalised hair advice as well check out my page to get a personalised hair report!

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– Paris x

– Paris x

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  1. The picture is beautiful!


  2. Great insights. I would add to pay attention to the Scalp also. Massaging the Scalp is great for increasing circulation of blood supply to the hair follicles and pliability of the skin 😊


    1. thatgoodhair says:

      I completely agree! I love scalp massages not only do they promote hair growth but they feel great too!

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