Refresher Curls

Try these cool refreshing refresher/detangling sprays to get great 3rd 4th or 5th day curls! These simple DIY tricks can have amazing benefits for you and your curls. Read this post to get happy, healthy curls. Click hereon to read more…

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Sunshine Curls

In the UK, when the sun is out hit is definitely time to play, but while you can lather on some SPF50 to protect your skin, how can you protect your hair. This post will help you to keep your curls happy and healthy in the sun. Click here now to read more…

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The Curly Fringe

If your willing to take the plunge and get a curly fringe, then this post is for you! This will help you decide how or where to get a fringe cut and how to embrace it and care for it once it is done. Click here now to read more…

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