How To Take Photos of Your Hair

Your hair is cute. Yes you, your hair is amazing! But sometimes, it doesn’t really like to show it. I’m not sure about you, but I can be having an amazing hair day, take a picture and my hair looks like a black frizzy monster trying to eat my head. Well that used to be me, but now I’ve learnt a few tips and tricks to help my curls look defined and smooth in all of my photos.


Use natural light, daylight is the best to make your hair pop. Sunshine loves curly hair so embrace it, it will help make your curls look defined as the light will reflect off the kinks of your hair. If you don’t want to go outside, take a selfie facing an open window. I’ve taken photos with professional lighting, and photos with the sun and the sun definitely wins, however in the UK the sun hardly shows itself. Still using natural lighting is great for defining your curls but for an extra boost use your flash.

Change Your Parting

I usually wear my hair with a parting to the side, I sometimes wear it in the middle but feel it makes my hair look flat so I try and change it up. This is especially noticeable (sometimes worse) when I am taking a picture of my hair, as which ever side it is parted on looks flat. To overcome this I tend to just change my hair parting and I flip it to the other side. This gives my hair better volume and helps to make it look thicker in pictures. I love big hair and volume, so this really achieves the look without the shrinkage making it look shorter.


If you haven’t heard me ranting about using a water spray bottle, you must have been living underneath a rock because I swear by mine. I really recommend spritzing your hair with water and stretching it before you take a picture. You only have to do this for 30 seconds but it makes such a difference and helps counteract shrinkage. It also helps to reduce the appearance of dryness. To make your own DIY sprays check out my post on refresher sprays.

Photo Editing

Maybe its just a bad hair day but sometimes no matter what you do your hair still isn’t really popping in photos. It’s okay and it happens to all of us so don’t despair photo editing is here. I usually use Instagram’s editors to increase the lux and to reduce the warmth of the photo to make my curls really sharp and reduce the appearance of frizz but there are definitely some other apps that you can use to edit your curls.

The Last Resort

Bun it or embrace it. Face it, your hair isn’t going to look amazing all of the time and you are just going to have to deal with it. Beauty comes from within and maybe today just isn’t your day. If you are determined to take a photo and can’t seem to fix your hair just put it in a bun. It’s okay, we all go through times like this, or at least I do, so stop forcing it and just put it in a protective style and let your curls rest for another day.

I hope these tips help you to take some amazing photos that will allow you to embrace your curls and feel amazing so enjoy.

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– Paris x

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