Sunshine Curls

I had a lot of ideas about what to write for this week, from waves to refresher sprays but alas, those will have to wait because the British Sun has finally revealed himself and our summer has begun! If you haven’t realised I typically post on a Friday, however, you should notice that it is a Saturday. This is because yesterday I held a photo-shoot for curly haired individuals (which was amazing!) and you will see some of the pictures in the future.


A massive thank you to my beautiful models and amazing photographer Kemmy who is also a hair blogger, check her out. So for today lets focus on how to love and care for your hair in the SUN!

  1. How To Counteract Humidity

    With some Sun comes great humidity, and it is our job to fight this. Humidity is annoying because curls that look perfect indoors can look like a complete frizzy mess outdoors. It can be difficult to deal with but there are some ways that you can help your hair out. One way is to look at the products you are using. The issue with humidity is that too much moisture is being absorbed by your hair so it’s important to avoid products that contain Humectants (they keep hair moisturized by attracting water from the environment into the hair). This means avoiding ingredients like glycerin and a couple other sciencey ones:

  • Propylene glycol.
  • 1,2,6 hexanetriol.
  • Butylene glycol.
  • Dipropylene glycol.
  • Hexylene glycol.
  • Triethylene glycol.
  • Erythritol.
    Another humidity fighting tool is leave-in conditioner, while your hair doesn’t need humectants it does need a moisture that is sealing. While I wouldn’t use oils, as with too much sun can have a negative effect, I would try and use sealing products like butters etc. as these will lock in moisture and also block the cuticle to stop too much getting in.

    2. Hairstyles
    This is a big issue for loads of people. Put the Eco styler gel down and try some of these out. These are my two favourite hairstyles in the summer. I don’t really like leaving my hair out or in my face when its too hot so these up-styles are perfect for the summer.

– Bun Time

When its hot outside, I love to wear my hair in cute buns, you can slick your hair with shea butter or aloe vera. This will help you to keep your hair out of your face so it won’t get too hot and can help you to keep your hair healthy because you can really moisturise your hair in the buns.

-Braid It Up

Braids or plaits are a great way to protect your hair and you can add extensions to make your hair look stunning and long. There are amazing ways you can do this and I love how you can decorate braids with gold clips so give them a go.

3. Scalp Sweat

Firstly, keep hydrated, drink at least eight cups of water a day to keep yourself hydrated and cool. Your body loses water when you sweat, so you need to replace it. There are loads of weird, cool hacks for reducing head sweat. Some people are quite active, and being active in the sun can cause even more scalp sweat. This can clog up your pores, block your hair growth and can make your hair dirty. Some people suggest taking a small amount of talcum powder/baby powder and rubbing into your scalp, as this helps to soak up sweat when it starts. Other people suggest washing your hair daily, or twice daily, but this can be extremely drying. I would suggest you instead opt for co-washing, your hair definitely needs a small rinse to wash out any buildup and to help your pores breathe so this could be exactly what you need.

I hope you make the most of our short-lived summer and get out the house for a few days of sunshine. Remember your curls are too good to stay in, so get out and live your best life. I hope these tips help you to do so. Have fun!

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– Paris x

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