Curly Socials To Follow!

Whether you deem the impact to be good or bad, you cannot deny the fact that social media has had a massive impact on our society. It has helped people to connect and has given people careers and allowed them to express themselves but has also allowed people to be scammed and lose themselves. In terms of curly hair, I  see a lot of the benefits that social media can provide. It can be a place for learning and inspiration. I love following curly hair pages and gurus for inspiration, to learn and to find the best products so here are my recommendations for your insta feed.

When Looking For Inspiration and Hair Tips:

1. Promo Pages

I am not going to go into specifics of exactly which curly hair gurus I follow but I love to follow Curly hair promo pages. Hands down these are the best places to find the girls with the most popping curls and these always tend to be where I start when looking for some hairstyle inspiration. There are even pages solely dedicated to curly hair tips and techniques to help you figure out your hair.
Some of my favourites include:

2. Hashtags

Hashtags are the plug. They are great because you get to see such a cool different range of pictures, not just the ones that pay to get featured on the promo accounts. Hashtags aren’t just great for hairstyle inspiration, they are great for finding new products and learning new techniques. Personally, I love using them to find new hairstyles to try out and to find curly hair tips.
Some of my favourites include:

When Looking for Products:

Now I am all about supporting hair businesses, especially black-owned businesses and women-owned businesses, so here are a few amazing ones I have found via social media. The businesses are as inspirational as the founders behind them. Take a look and check them out. Some I know or have tried personally, and others just really deserve a shout out because their feed is gorgeous and I just stalk them. Just so you know this is not sponsored (I wish it was) so these are my genuine suggestions.

Happy Hair Box

This super inclusive brand is the bomb! I know that some lovely mums and dads read my blog and if you are looking for some products to help stay organised with your kiddies hair, this is a great business out check out. I also love that they hold ‘Daddy and Daughter Hair Workshops’ which helps to teach dads how to do their daughters hair. Personally, I want to nab a frizz-taming towel! The summer edition coming out looks super vibrant but they have loads of amazing products, so check them out…

Instagram: @happyhairbox


Che Naturals

I haven’t purchased from this brand but I LOVE watching their videos on Instagram, showing how they make their mesmerising products. Their products are all natural and they make shampoo bars, soaps, smoothies and more for curly girls and boys. I have always been majorly intrigued by shampoo bars because they just look so cool and healthy, so if I was to try some this is where I would look. I would definitely recommend checking them out because their goodies, look gooood…

Instagram: @chenatural


Only Curls London

This brand is so beautiful, their aesthetic reminds me of the brand Glossier, but for curly hair. They have two hair styling products that include amazing ingredients like Shea Butter, Marula Oil and Aloe, but I prefer the look of their scrunchies. I have always loved scrunchies and am dying to get my hands on one of their pink silk scrunchies which will help reduce damage and breakage. They have tonnes of other amazing accessories and products that will aide your curly lifestyle so click the links below to see more…

Instagram: @onlycurlslondon


Naiga Naturals:

This young entrepreneur has started her hair care line while studying at university, which is really admirable. She is already stocked up in stores and selling online via her website. Her products are beautiful, I mean look at that Coco Butter! I just wanna smoother it into my hair. All of her 10 products are under £10 and completely natural so it’s a beautiful bargain. As a new business, please go show your support, even if you can’t purchase these pretty products at least like, follow and comment…

Instagram: @naiganaturals



Last but not least, Curlisha! Another brand that I have not yet tried, but looks too good not too. Their products are good looking and good for your hair too, all of their products are satin lined which helps reduce any frizz and can help keep your hair looking neat and tidy. I love the look of their beanies and curl caps. They sell via Etsy and are based in the UK. I love the look of their feed for hair inspiration and you should too…

Instagram: @curlisha_uk

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-08 at 00.55.25-2

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– Paris x

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