Product Review: Garnier Fructis 3 in 1 Hair Mask

This is my first ever product review! It is NOT sponsored but if any brands are reading this, please feel free to send me new products to try out. This product review is on the Garnier Fructis Papaya Hair Mask. I tested it out on my 3B/C curls. My mum’s 2B/C waves and my brothers 4A coils. If you want to check it out here is the link to it on Amazon!


My Experience

I don’t typically buy new hair products, I usually opt for natural products like olive oil and aloe vera gel to nourish my curls. However, while on holiday, we only travelled with hand luggage so I couldn’t bring all of my hair products. Since I got my cousin to braid my hair, I didn’t mind because I thought I would wear my hair in this style the whole week.



Brided hair style with extensions and gold hair clips for the summer. Pool photo

After 4 days of water parks, beaches and swimming pools, it was clear that I needed to take my hair out. Despite the 30 degrees sunshine, the water wasn’t drying out of my hair. Instead,, the style was locking the sea and pool water in. So I decided it was time for me to take the hair out and let it breathe. When I took out the extensions I gave my hair a wash with some coconut shampoo and then used a Pantene conditioner before allowing it to air dry and then styling. However, it felt really really dry.

While at the shops I came across the hair aisle and saw the Garnier Fructis Hair Masks in Banana, Papaya and Coconut. I had seen these circulating on Instagram a few months ago but the tubs were always much smaller and I always wondered how those tiny tubs lasted more than one use. The ones on the shelf were big tubs of 390ml so I reckoned I may aswell give it a go. I picked up Papaya because I have tried products including Banana and Coconut but never Papaya on my hair so I was intrigued. Although it was written in Spanish, I could make out that the product is 98% natural and 96% biodegradable and since I love opting for natural ingredients I was sold. It is also free from silicones, parabens and artificial colourants. It cost €5.50, a little expensive but it was a big tub and my hair needed it.

Garnier Fructis Hair Food Papaya - Intensive hair mask - Spanish

Later in the day when I got home, I applied the mask throughout my hair in sections. When I opened the tub the off-white hair mask was a really nice, thick consistency. I love when masks are nice and thick, it really makes me think that my hair is being coated with moisturising goodness! It had a beautiful fragrant smell and my mum and brother kept going on about how good it smelt. I split my hair into about 7 section starting at the back and raking the product through each section thoroughly, finger detangling each part and flattening out the frizz and ensuring the dry ends were smooth and hydrated. I was so surprised to see that I had barely made a dent in the tub.

I twisted each section and put my hair in a microfibre towel overnight before heading to bed. Now the instructions say to leave the mask on for 3 minutes but I felt that it was way to short especially as I wanted my hair to really absorb the product.

Natural curly hair in twists for an overnight hairstyle.

In the morning when I woke up, my hair was so soft, like unbelievably soft. The product absorbed really well into my hair and I loved the feel and the smell. The twists had shrunk but my hair looked really healthy and felt it too.

After rinsing my hair out in the shower with cold water, I left it to dry a little in a micro fibre towel. When I took my hair out, the curls were super defined and moisturised. I was blown away by the results.

Twist out results

As it dried the front frizzed up, but to be fair, there were no other products on my hair, and my hair had to deal with 29 degrees of sunshine for the whole day. It has even started to go brown!

My Brothers Experience

Personally, I love the results of this on my hair, but I wanted to test it especially as it claims it can be used as a mask, a leave in and a regular conditioner. To test this, I ambushed my brother before the shower. I dumped a load in his hair while he was finding his towel. He has short 4a/b hair and doesn’t use any moisturising products in his hair to my frustration which leaves his hair dry most of the time.

I rubbed it into his head, covering all the hair on the top. He then jumped into his shower about 5 minutes later and washed it out. Unfortunately, it didn’t really work as well as I expected on his hair. It felt softer but his hair wasn’t any more defined.

My Mothers Experience

Next was my mum. It was really the smell that enticed her. She used to permanently straighten her hair, but with my encouragement, she has now begun to wear her hair more in its natural state. Her hair falls in very loose wavy curls. Similar to my brother she uses nothing other than shampoo and conditioner once a week, however, she does do the occasional hot oil treatment. She was sat back on the balcony with a face mask on reading a magazine when she asked me to put the hair mask in her hair too. So similar to my hair, I parted hers into sections like mine and twisted it with the product in. Unlike my hair, hers started to fall out after 20 minutes but she still kept the product in her hair for around 2 hours. I wanted to see if the product only worked because of my hair texture and if it would weigh her hair down.

Natural wavy hair in twists with deep conditioning hair mask

After 2/3 hours she hopped into the shower but our thoughts were correct. While the hair mask did a great job of nourishing her hair and actually turning her waves into full-blown curls it did definitely weigh it down and make her hair look limp. My mum loves her hair being light and fluffy curls so this is not the product for her.

The Final Verdict

As I keep saying, personally I love this product and I am definitely going to buy it again. I love the smell, texture, ingredients and the effect on my hair. However, it is not something that I would recommend to everybody as the results that my mum and brother had did not match mine. If you do have curly hair, similar to me give it a go!

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– Paris x

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