How To Trim Curly Hair

I trimmed my hair, by myself, for the first time on Friday. About a month ago my friend asked me to trim his hair, followed by mum and my cousin. This got me thinking about how long it had been since I last trimmed my hair. I have never really been a fan of trims, I don’t like to lose too much length and I know that trims don’t promote hair growth, they reduce hair breakage. Of recent however, I have noticed a few split ends and my hair has been breaking more than usual so I decided, ‘it’s time for a trim!’ This is going to tell you about the benefits of trims and the method that I chose to trim my hair.


Here are some of the many benefits of trims. Many suggest trimming your hair every 3 months but it is really down to your personal preference.

  1. Split Ends: Obviously, by getting a trim, you are cutting off the damage and split ends at the bottom. This will allow your hair to maintain a healthy look and grow without breaking at the bottom.
  2. Detangling: The best benefit of trimming your hair on a regular basis is that it makes detangling a lot easier and can also help with easier styling because there are less annoying snags!
  3. Retaining Length/Boost Growth: It is a myth that getting a trim will make your hair ‘grow’. Getting a trim will help you retain length due to the reduction in hair breakage and split ends. When you have split ends and don’t take care of them, the split travels up the hair shaft and stunts hair growth.
  4. Better Aesthetic: Trimming your hair can make you hair look much nicer. Maybe this just happens to me but sometimes dreaded dead hairballs hang off the ends of my hair out on your split ends. Because the ends are frayed like a broom the dead hair gets caught up and forms a ball making detangling your hair more difficult.


I have had my hair trimmed before, but this was typically by my mum or at the hairdresser’s. This has been great except everytime my hair is trimmed, I’ve often worn it straight. I used to straighten my hair all of the time so this was fine, but the last time I trimmed my hair was in 2016 and since then I straighten my hair very rarely. After asking for people to trim my hair, everyone told me that they had never trimmed curly hair before and would only do it if my hair was straight. Everything online told me not to straighten my hair for a trim because I will lose a lot more hair than necessary. Not wanting to have straightened my hair more than necessary, I headed to YouTube to find out how to trim my curly hair. I found some great videos of people who twist their hair. I liked different parts of different videos, so I didn’t follow one particular video exactly but I’ll link the videos I watched below.


So, after watching my videos I had decided what I wanted to do. I was going to spray my hair with water so it was slightly damp and then comb it all through first with a wide tooth comb and then a regular comb to make sure my hair was completely tangle-free.

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-24 at 21.29.28-5

After this, I would part my hair and twist it into 10 equally sized sections.This helps to stretch my hair so I can get an accurate look at how much hair I am actually cutting off.

Finally, I would trim the ends of each twist using sharp nail scissors. Most people recommend hair scissors and so would I, but since I don’t currently own any, I just wanted to make sure the scissors I would use are sharp and as my hair is in twists it was definitely manageable to do.


WhatsApp Image 2018-06-24 at 21.29.28-3

So I go my scissors and I cut it. It honestly took a minute and I don’t know why I was so scared. I ran my fingers down each twist and stopped where I felt the texture of my hair change and get rough. This signalled to me that this part was damaged and so I chopped it off. I don’t feel I took off much hair, maybe just half an inch or so off of the ends of each twist. I could instantly see the difference in my hair despite not taking off a lot.

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-24 at 21.29.28-2

The silly single knots and splits at the end were gone and my hair looks much fuller as a result. After I cut my hair I applied conditioner to each twist and sealed in the moisture with olive oil especially concentrating on my freshly trimmed ends. I then went back in and trimmed off any last frayed ends I saw before calling my trim complete!

I hope that my trimming experience has helped you with caring for your hair. If you are scared of trimming your hair by yourself like I was, I would really recommend you give it a go. It’s not as hard or as scary as you think, and you have more control because you can make it as short as you want it to be.

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– Paris x

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