Night Time Hair Care

As I say, blog after blog, how you care for your hair overnight has a massive impact on your hair in the day. While a shower can help to reverse the sins of leaving your hair out while you sleep. The truth is your night time routine can have long term damaging affects that are worse than just messy hair in the morning. You can cause your hair to dry out, increase breakage and even split ends. It takes a little extra time and a little extra effort but it really goes a long way. It can even save you time in the morning with your hair routine if you style it appropriately the night before. So let’s got into the styles.

1. Moisture

The same way you may use a night cream or oil to hydrate your face while you sleep it is a great idea to do the same to your hair while you sleep. By this I mean applying a deep conditioner or mask etc to your hair while you sleep. The longer the product sits on your hair the better it conditions your hair. Not only is it more convenient, duh your not going anywhere while your asleep, It can really help to nourish your hair and boost your overall hair health and curl definition. Moisture is essential to the health of your hair so even if you go with a light curl milk and natural oil like jojoba oil or you go thick applying a deep conditioner or butter and castor oil it is great to really lock the moisture in and allow it to penetrate your hair.

2. Friction Protection

What you sleep on can help you to reduce friction. The friction caused my your pillow case can cause breakage and dry out your hair. I swear by satin pillow cases and only use a cotton pillow case when I sleep at someone elses house. Some people prefer to wear a satin bonnet but this is a good way to make sure you don’t get a mark on your forehead and if you find your bonnet slips of in the night. Satin pillowcases are amazing at keeping your hair healthy because they don’t suck out all of your hairs natural moisture. Cotton pillowcases can make your hair even drier. For those of you who don’t like sleeping on anything synthetic, silk can be a good alternative to satin because silk and satin pillowcases are both undoubtedly better than cotton ones. Some people prefer silk over satin, mostly because it is a natural fiber, however, satin still has some advantages.

3. Styling

There are really two options but I think the choice depends on you and your hair type, desired look and length.

– Protective styling

I typically opt for protective styling over anything when I get my hair ready for bed. From twists to plaits to buns. I try not to be lazy but if I am even a high pony tail will suffice. As I said last week, if you want to wear your hair half up half down, moisturise and tie up the top half of your hair and plait it and section up the bottom half and repeat the process here. If you want a ponytail brush your hair into the right position for your ponytail. This really helps save time because nothing is worse than waking up and your hair won’t go into place in the style you want it. By preparing from the night before this essentially gives you a headstart in the morning that can help you save time and get the look you want. These protective styles ate also a great way of stretching your hair to reduce shrinkage in the morning.

– Loose styles

Now this is the other option and usually my lazy option but depending on your hair type it might work for you as the main option. Looser styles are great because they don’t change your curl pattern and can keep your curls from getting tangled or damaged. These styles include high ponytails (pineapple), loose buns.

A great video on loose bedtime hair styles is linked below.

I hope this blog post can help you to enhance your night time hair routine or create one if you don’t get have one. These tips can really help to make your hair alot more manageable in the morning and in the long term.

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– Paris x

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