CurlyTreats Festival Review

Curly Treats Festival Ballons BannerLast Saturday, I went to the Curly Treats Festival and it was AMAZING! From £5 hair products to meeting beauty and hair influencers this event really had it all and I highly recommend you attend next year because I will be there again! (Hopefully as a vendor). This post is going to be a bit different because it is going to have very little to do with actual hair care but I hope you like it anyways. I went to the Curly Treats Festival in Fulham, in the IELC centre. I went by myself because one of my friends flaked but it was fine because I met a boatload of people. When I got inside, I was immediately given a goody bag with some leaflets and mixed chicks leave-in conditioner and some other goodies and was sent into the marketplace. The room was massive and yet still extremely crowded with so much to offer.  The room was filled with beautiful men and women with curls of all different shapes and sizes and it was amazing to be in a room with so many people whose hair was similar to mine. I felt so empowered. I was pleasantly surprised by the array of businesses who attended the event. From hair, skin and beauty exhibitors, to clothes, books, personal trainers, basically everything you could think of. It was truly an event that aimed to cater to all, no matter your interest. Not only this, but it was great to see small to large black businesses being represented.


According to the website, the CurlyTreats Festival started as Natural Hair Week in 2013 and was rebranded by Shirvina Best in 2017. The annual festival is the ultimate one-day event celebrating all things natural hair, beauty and wellness. Acknowledging culture by empowering, educating, entertaining and elevating the community, providing a safe space for over 7,000 attendees. The festival is the largest event of its kind, celebrating natural hair in the UK. It boasts a room full of exhibitors, interactive live workshops, live features and expert speakers. This spectacular event promotes beauty brands for men and women of colour. There is plenty for visitors to experience on the day. Since it began the event sells out every year in London!

This is a day of empowerment, entertainment and influence at its best. Attendees come to the event to enjoy a marketplace with black-owned businesses that cater to people of colour. CurlyTreats Festival is an opportunity to share the great things happening in the black community.


I went with my camera and took a billion photos, but I now realise that I am a rubbish photographer so only a few select images will be making the cut, but there were so many incredible innovative vendors at this event, it was amazing. From Catwalks to painting, there was such a massive range of entertainment to choose from. There were stalls that would style your hair; a service that would look at your hair follicles under a microscope and tell you about how healthy your hair is; Fashion shows that enticed me to buy some t-shirts from Hello Tee and so much more. I also met some super cool influencers like Curlture and Naturally Hayley.

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Now the all-important part, what I got! If you readers are anything like me, the moment I signed up to this event I started to fantasise about the beautiful freebies I would receive. This event definitely lived up to my expectations and I left with a Palmer’s bag full of sachets upon sachets of freebies to try. Caring for and maintaining curly hair can be expensive, so I love events like this that can help me stretch out the time between my next curly hair shop.

CurlyTreats Festival Purchases

Not only did I get a tonne of freebies, but also some incredible products from some brands I know and brands I didn’t know but will now forever buy from. I didn’t have a budget set in stone when I got to the event but £20 was going to be my limit. I did NOT stick to that. I spent £20 on two t-shirts from the get-go (in my defence they are super cute). At Creme of Nature, all of their products were £5 so I got myself their Pure Honey hair mask. I also found a new brand, sofn’free GroHealthy Shea&Coconut that was selling 2 products for £5 so I got their curling custard and their leave in conditioner. I need to stop and say how much I LOVE the products I got from this brand. I honestly was only buying it because of the price, but they work so well on my hair. I will definitely be buying from them again. I think that is what really made this event special, discovering new brands that aren’t on the high-street really and that you wouldn’t typically find.


WhatsApp Image 2018-08-05 at 13.46.27

Given my glowing review so far, it shouldn’t be a shock if I tell you to this is a must go to event for all you hair and beauty lovers. However, even if you aren’t interested in just hair and beauty I would still recommend this event. There were a lot of workshops and tutorials I didn’t get to experience that would have been of interest to someone else. It was a really incredible event and I got to meet so many people that had shared similar experiences to myself and to see all of the brands that were trying to make a difference in the curly hair community!
So make sure you book your tickets for next years event because I will definitely be there again!

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