Carnival Hairstyles

It’s finally that time of the year!! It’s carnival time! This year, as I do most years, I will be attending Notting Hill Carnival on Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday which I am very excited about. I’ve never worn a costume or been on a float and unfortunately, this year is no different, but who knows maybe next year will be my year. I typically dress pretty casual in shorts and a top with my hair out but this year I’m going to jazz it up and wear makeup and face jewels and style my hair differently. Since dyeing my hair purple, I am super excited to experiment with different hairstyles. Considering the fact I’m not wearing a headpiece or a style like braids I wasn’t really sure where to begin so I decided to look through my Curly Hairstyles Pinterest board. Yes, I have a board dedicated to curly hairstyles because when I want to try something new I can never find anything cool to try. I also looked at my favourite curly hairstyle YouTuber, JessCreations and attempted recreating some of her looks. I have some really pretty hair clips that I also wanted to use to add colour to my already colourful hair so here are my carnival hairstyle inspirations.



Okay yes, this is definitely not a mohawk but this is as close as I am getting. Essentially, it is just 3 massive puff buns forming a line down the centre of my head. As I was just trialling this style, I didn’t make it as neat as I could have slicking down the sides and doing my edges but I did jazz it up with some gold hair clips down the front centre twist.


This look was inspired by the wonderful JessCreationss on YouTube in this video below.



I love this look. Not only for carnival but I’ve worn it for weddings, for parties, for work etc. It is a really versatile style that you can wear for basically anything. For Carnival, I would wear this style with my massive green jewelled clip that I got in Spain earlier in the year and I would put gold clips on the individual twists covering up the elastics or along the twists. For this look, it simply consisted of parting my hair to the side and parting the side with less hair into 3 rows. You then flat twist these rows straight to the back of your head and fasten it either with bobby pins or I use tiny black rubber elastics. I then put my massive green clip in my hair holding this down and I add gold clips in along the three twists.

This look was inspired by this photo on Pinterest, to find more hairstyle inspiration. Click here to check out my Pinterest curly hairstyles board, I’m always pinning:

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 22.34.30



This is super cute and super easy to do. It consists of simply parting your hair into a diamond/triangle starting from the centre of your forehead. I like this style as its really versatile. You can do it up you wear it as a half up half down look, you could make it into a bun or a ponytail, you can cornrow or twist the sides forwards or backwards, you can add gems and clips; its all up to you. I also think its great because it looks so different from a normal parting that goes straight down your head, either in the centre or to the side.

Here is how it looked on me:

Bun Version:

Half up Half Down:


This look was inspired by this photo on Pinterest, to find more hairstyle inspiration. Click here to check out my Pinterest curly hairstyles board, I’m always pinning:

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 22.46.01

I also found a Kinsley Deborah hair tutorial showing how to do this style in a slightly different way so definitely check it out.

Have an amazing time at Carnival this year guys, stay safe and have fun! If you see me please make sure you say hi and take a selfie with me and if you try out one of these hairstyles be sure to post it on social media and tag me.

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– Paris x

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