Five 60 Second Hairstyles

Curly Hairstyles

My life consists of a mix of laziness and lateness and so I’m constantly running around like a headless chicken and at the same time laying in bed for much longer than I should be. If you haven’t realised, I love my hair a lot and I always try and make sure my hair looks like I’ve put in a little effort. Nowadays, I tend to wear my hair out a majority of the time but since I dyed it purple it has become really unpredictable. Sometimes I will look in the mirror and it is completely flat, sometimes it will be super poofy, and other times it just won’t curl right no matter how much water or how many products I use. The worst part is that I usually only notice this after I’ve left the house, I will walk past a shop or see my reflection on a train and am hit with horror. I need to fix this fast!

Fortunately, I am an innovator, a problem solver but mainly just lazy and unorganised so I have come up with a set of quick styles that I can do no matter the location. Here are the 5 60 second hairstyles you can do to fix your hair on the go! All of the pictures attached were actually done in around 60 seconds exactly as I wrote below.

Required tools:

Bobby pins

Now not everything will be needed at the same time. Some hairstyles will require a hair band, others require a clip it all depends. All these styles will look better with tools like a brush and a comb and a bit more than 1 minute but these are designed to be done in a rush and they can look cute without all the extra stuff. These may take you a bit longer than 60 seconds but I’ve kinda become an expert at these hairstyles so the more you practice the faster you will become.

Here is the first hairstyle:

1. Half up Half down – 36 seconds

This is a super easy hairstyle that I probably do the most. The reason being I usually have an issue with the way the hair that frames my face is curling so it’s easier to just put up the front section. It is also cuter in my perspective to still have half of your hair down to show off your curls at the back. I also find that this style looks much neater than a simple ponytail without having to use a brush.


How: When I am on the go, I will flip my head upside down and using both hands part my hair from each ear until my fingers meet in the middle of my head and separate the two sections. Using a hair band I then tie up the front section with a hair band or a clip.

2. Messy Bun – 49 seconds

A super simple, easy and effective hairstyle that looks exceptionally gorgeous on curly hair is always the messy bun look. I usually do this when I really want all of my hair right up and out of my face. It obviously requires minimal expertise, however, is not always suitable for all situations and can emphasise the fact you did it in 10 seconds. Sometimes I get frustrated when doing this bun because it doesn’t always look right and can lean to one side so if you are, just move on to another style.


How: When I am on the go, I will flip my head upside down and finger detangle the hair by raking my fingers through gently to reduce the number of lumps around my head. I then rake all of my hair together smoothing it down as much as possible. I find this way easier upside down for some reason it just works better. I then flip my head back up and using a hair band, tie up my hair at the crown of my head. On the last loop, I won’t pull my hair all the way through, creating a big voluminous bun at the top of my head. Sometimes I will pull some pieces of hair down to frame my face.

3. Twist Crown – 1minute 8seconds

You are a queen crowned in your curls and this is a super pretty hairstyle that will make you feel like a queen. This is another one of my absolute favourite hairstyles whether I have a tonne of time or not so would highly recommend giving it a go.

How: When I am on the go, I will part my hair down the middle about an inch or two and part it horizontally across my head just before my ears leaving me with two sections of hair. I tie the rest of my hair back and out of the way so I can just focus on the front two sections. I then flat twist each section around my head towards my ears and then continue to twist down the length of the hair. Once I’ve finished twisting the first piece I hold it in my mouth then repeat the process on the second section. After doing this, using the hair band that secured the rest of my hair back (or a spare one if you have it), tie the two twists together and then throw them back. I will then fluff out my hair at the back so that it looks nice and the style is complete.

4. Stylish Side Part -23seconds

The reason that I would do this hairstyle is when I have an issue with the way the hair that frames my face is curling or with the side that my hair is parted on. This style works when you don’t have a hair band and hopefully, you have a bunch of stray hairpins in your bag. It’s very simple and you can do it up more or less depending on what you have to have. All you need are some bobby pins. Stupidly, I couldn’t find any bobby pins so I just used this jewelled hair clip.

How: When I am on the go, I will part my hair as straight as possible a few inches to each side. I then take some bobby pins and smooth down the side with less hair and put in the first bobby pin. After putting in the first bobby pin I cross over the next bobby pin on top to make a cross and repeat this following the side part.

5. Two Flat Twists – 1min 34seconds

This is the only style that actually doesn’t need anything whatsoever but is probably the most difficult hairstyle and is longer than 1 minute. One of the great things about this hairstyle is the fact that it doesn’t have to be a flat twist you could do cornrows if you are struggling with mastering flat twists. I like this hairstyle when I go to the gym or end up doing something active like going trampolining etc.

How: When I am on the go, I will part my hair straight down the middle as straight as possible, splitting my hair into two sections. This is much easier when my hair is damp so if you are in/near a bathroom or spray bottle just applies some water to your hair. Then flat twist or cornrow your hair to the back of your head following your parting. Once you have reached the back of your head continue to plait down the length of your hair. I would suggest you make the plait extremely tight if you don’t have a hair band to prevent the plait coming undone.

I hope you like these hairstyles and give them a go when you are in a rush or just in general. Curly hair can be difficult but you can still look cute in a rush! If you do give these a go please comment below and time it to see if you are faster than me!

– Paris x

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