How To Wrap a Headscarf

As it is breast cancer awareness month, as well as Black History Month over here in the UK, I wanted to do a post that could somehow embrace the two. How To Wrao A Headscarf. The headwrap originated in sub-Saharan Africa and made its way through slavery into the modern world. Tying a piece of cloth around the head is not specific to any one cultural group. Men and women have worn and continue to wear some type of fabric head covering in many societies. What does appear to be culturally specific, however, is the way the fabric is worn; in other words, the style in which the fabric is worn is the ultimate cultural marker. As many women that also lose their hair to cancer due to chemotherapy also wrap their head in a head wrap I felt this would be a suitable post topic.

On Thursday the 23rd of August, I got a message from my friend asking me if I was going to be attending Shades of Beauty. I hadn’t heard about it, but I immediately booked my ticket for Saturday. My friend went on the Friday, so I brought my mum with me instead and had the best time.

While there, I bumped into my friend with her stall Styled By Dede which was beautiful. She sells the most incredible earrings and headscarves and she is only 18 with such an incredible business (proud mum mode)! I always thought I was the only loser that had no idea how to stylishly wrap my hair in a scarf, especially since I have a lot of hair, but I was completely wrong. While chatting with Dede, a lot of people buying her products asked her to demonstrate how to wrap a headscarf and I was fortunate enough to be her model for the demonstration. This was the looks she created:

But because I didn’t actually see what she was doing the audience got to learn how to wrap a headscarf, but I didn’t really. This week I decided to make it my mission to learn how to tie a headscarf and explain it to you guys because I think it is such a cute and low maintenance look. I found these easy to follow cheat sheet style guides on Pinterest.


So here are the results. Some were way easier to recreate than others but they were all basically doable.
Style 1: So to do this all I did was start by creating a bun and then following the instructions to wrap the scarf around my head and twist it. I topped it off with a jewelled hair clip in my bun to add some glamour and I left the frills of my scarf hanging down to frame my face.

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Style 2: This look was surprisingly easy to do. I tied my hair up into a high ponytail and then following then following the cheat sheet, created the knotted bun in the centre of my head which looks really cute and makes a great quick style.

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Style 3: This was probably my least favourite look, purely because it doesn’t suit me. I also found it difficult to tie at the back without pulling my curls in with the knot as well but I cant think of how to style the look without having it out.

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Style 4: This look is cute but I really struggled to execute it properly. It actually took about 4 tries which was surprising as the others were really easy but although my hair was in a bun it looked really flat and I struggled with following the instructions. Take my word for it, its not as easy as the cheat sheet looks.

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Style 5: While similar to the one above this is my absolute favourite look that I wore the day after I took these first attempt photos. and received a tonne of compliments from strangers in the streets. I think this look is super bold and deceiving because my hair is simply in a bun with some deep conditioner soaking in.

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Style 6: This look gave me some serious 90/2000’s vibes and it was definitely the simplest but maybe a bit to simple… To me it just looked like I swapped a durag for a scarf but I would definitely give it a try. I did like how it covered up my massive forehead a little bit though.

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This was a super fun blog to create and I really hope that my content helps you guys to try new things and embrace your hair. Let me know in the comments below how you wrap your headscarf. If you have any specific struggles or concerns with your hair, don’t hesitate to comment below, submit a hair analysis form or just send me a message.
For more information on the history of headwraps in black culture please click here.

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– Paris x

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