Curly Hair Halloween Ideas

We are fast approaching the spookiest night of the year, Halloween! So take a seat and prepare yourself to read some frighteningly good (hair) tricks and treats that will have you scaring peoples socks off when they see you. Mwohahaha!! I honestly love Halloween, it is one of my favourite holidays of the year. I always look forward to the toffee apples and costumes and events that come up this time of year, especially now I am older. As a kid from a religious family, I wouldn’t celebrate Halloween, so I didn’t go trick or treating or dress up as anything other than an Angel (for All Saints Day). The most exciting thing I would do was sit in front of the television and watch Halloween Town, which I still watch religiously every Halloween.

Seeing as I never used to dress up, I was at a bit of a loss for what to wear this year, usually I would just put on some cat ears and call it a day, but as with everything, I really wanted to incorporate my curly hair. Now a short disclaimer: You Do Not Have To Dictate Your Costume Around Your Hair. If You Want To Dress As Cinderella You Can, If You Want To Dress As A Ghost You Can. Don’t Feel Like You Can’t Be Anything You Want For Halloween Because Of Your Hair Type! Now that is out the way, I didn’t want to do a bog standard Curly Hair Halloween look, e.g a lion or Felicia from Friday. I wanted to think up some really different hairstyles that would look really cool, so where do you go when you need some inspiration, PINTEREST!

1. The Queen Of Hearts

Straight away I found my first curly hair Halloween look and actually how I am going to be dressed for a Halloween Party this year. I am going as the ‘Queen Of Hearts’.

The Hair:
Very simply, to create this look, I am going to give myself a zig-zag parting down the centre of my head splitting my hair into two equal sections. Using the Colourista Hair Makeup in the colours red and black, I am going to colour half of my head red and the other half black to make my hair look really distinct and vibrant. Once these have dried in I will brush my hair up into two high side ponytails. Then parting two small sections across the front of my head I will plait my hair leaving two plaits either side of my head as pictured below. Then using an eyebrow spoolie and some Got2Be Glued Edge Control Gel I will brush my baby hairs forward and swirl them to mimic the photograph.

Queen Of Hearts Halloween Idea

The Makeup:
This look involves a lot of red and for the Queen of Hearts I really wanted a bold look so after applying foundation and concealer etc, I took my L’Oréal Paris Les Chocolats Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Tasty Ruby and painted a heart in the centre of my lips accentuating my cupids bow. I then took the same lipstick and lightly painted my eyebrow red, the opposite side to my red hair. I took a black eyeliner pencil and filled in my other eyebrow making sure they both popped. Using a brown brow pencil I created some freckles on my cheeks and using some fake blood I created a small trail from my lip down. I took my red lipstick and drew two red hearts on each cheek.

The Outfit:
You can easily get a Queen of Hearts outfit online for a reasonable price or you can create your own. Wearing something white like a dress or a t-shirt and then adding a few hearts will do the trick. I am going to wear a white crop top and black shorts. Using the same red lipstick I will draw some hearts across my collarbone and shoulders all varying in size.

Queen of Hearts Costume

Queen of Hearts Costume

Queen of Hearts Costume


2. Arthur

I feel like this curly hair halloween look is so cute and super easy, all you really need to focus on is your costume but I love how you can incorporate your curls as well.

The Hair:

Our hair is what is going to make the cute ears for Arthur. You can make this as easy or as complex as you want too, depending on your skills. For the easy version, you will start by parting your hair down the centre of your head. You want your Arthur ears to sit towards the front of your head, about an inch or two closer to your forehead from the crown of your head. Now, taking some gel you are simply going to take one section and brush your hair to the right place on your head and secure tightly with a hair band. Then take the hair and create a medium/large sized messy bun to create the illusion of ears on the top of your head and repeat for the other side.

Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 19.48.58.png

For the complex version, you can switch it up by cornrowing your hair up to the crown of your head to create ears. You want to part your hair down the centre and part your hair to two sides. I flip my hair upside down to make this easier and I cornrow as straight as possible towards the crown of my head. Continue to cornrow an inch past the crown of your head and then brush the remaining hair at the front to meet this cornrow and fasten your hair with a hairband. Once you have done this, take your hair and twist it into a medium to large but to create the impression of an Arthur ear and then repeat for the other side.

The Makeup:

Nice and easy, seeing as Arthur is a boy, you want to go for a natural-looking makeup with a pink lip, nothing too bold. I would probably add some fake freckles using a brown eyeliner pencil to create the impression of whiskers on my cheeks. Now although this isn’t makeup, it’s on your face and probably the most important part of the look, GLASSES. You must wear some glasses if you can find big chunky ones even better!

The Outfit:

To dress up as Arthur, you won’t need anything extravagant, simply a yellow top and jeans/ denim shorts will work perfectly if you are going out. If you are wearing this outfit to go trick or treating you might want to wear something a bit warmer so find a chunky knit yellow jumper and a white shirt. If you have a yellow jumper already but it has a design on it, simply turn it inside out and no-one will notice. Pair this with some jeans and some red trainers and you’re ready to go.

Arthur Halloween Costume

3. Medusa

This is definitely the most extravagant look in this mini Curly hair Halloween contemplation, it takes the most effort, time and is probably the most spooky and different. Medusa is one of my favourite mythological stories and while I’m not doing this look this year, I might next year!

Medusa Halloween Costume

The Hair

Medusa’s snakes for hair is iconic, so the hair is what makes this look. I couldn’t find a picture to show how this hairstyle would look but is something you could easily do if your hair is already styled in locs, braids or twists. What you need are some accessories, you can either buy a snake headband, snake hair clips or a pack of rubber snakes. If like me, your hair is not in one of the above styles, you are going have to take an hour out to sit down and plait your hair. If you choose to buy rubber snakes, using bobby pins fasten a few to some of your plaits, twists or locs so that it looks like your hair is snakes.

The Make Up

In Greek mythology, Medusa was a monster described as a winged human female with living venomous snakes in place of hair. Those who gazed upon her face would turn to stone. She was supposedly a beautiful woman and the goddess Athena turned her hair into snakes. Being a beautiful mythical monster I would want to have a sultry makeup look with red lips, gold eyes and a lot of highlighter. In the photo, they used gold leaf down the bridge of the nose and across the forehead which is really eye-catching and mythical. I would definitely recommend getting white contact lenses as they add the monster element for this costume.

The Outfit

For this look, I would wear a white Grecian themed dress and gladiator sandals. If you want to really make an impression you could use a white sheet to create a toga like they would have worn in Ancient Greece. Alternatively, you could just buy a toga online. Pair this with a lot of gold jewellery and a gold belt to finish the look.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this blog post and it has inspired your costume ideas for this Halloween. You don’t need to be a cat this year, get creative and have fun. If you need some more inspiration, check out my Pinterest Halloween board for at least a hundred other ideas. If you have any specific struggles or concerns with your hair, don’t hesitate to comment below, submit a hair analysis form or just send me a message.

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– Paris x

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