Winter Hairstyles

It’s getting colder and it’s getting harder to just wear your hair out without the elements launching an attack on your beautiful curls. I love the Autumn/Winter Period but its hard to care for your hair with wind, rain and occasional snow to deal with. Our hair has just gotten used to absorbing the beautiful summer sun and now it has to deal with this. Not only can the cold outdoors be harsh on your hair but the increase of indoor heating can cause your hair to dry out too. During the colder months, a lot of us tend to dye our hair darker and hair dye alone can have a massive impact on your hair structure usually giving you a higher porosity. This can mean your hair will lose moisture faster as the cuticle layer isn’t laying flat.

With your hair drying out and acting out and the addition of hats and gloves in an attempt at retaining your body heat while you face the outdoors and can be hard to find some hairstyles to work for you this winter. Don’t you worry your pretty curly head, because I am here with the best winter hairstyles you can wear as we approach the colder months this year!


Winter is a great time for a protective style and plaits are a great winter hairstyle to look cute while looking after your hair. One of my favourite things about plaits or braids, is that your curls look super defined once you take them out and its a great way to reduce breakage because your hair isn’t being manipulated throughout the day. When you do this style be sure to moisturise your hair with a good leave-in conditioner and to seal your ends with an oil that will coat the hair and protect your ends. I like to use my GroHealthy Leave-In Conditioner and Castor oil but any leave-in conditioner will do. Then pick your desired style and go! I love plaits as well because you have so many variations to choose from. Take a look at the pictures below.


When you think of a cute winter hairstyle, you probably think of a girl in a chunky knit scarf with a hot chocolate and a messy bun and this is definitely the winter look we are going for. For this look however, we want to ensure we are getting the most amount of moisture locked into our hair. Since it is cold and we want to be wearing some earmuffs or a woolly hat, I suggesting wearing your buns low rather than in the crown of your head. This gives you space to put on your winter gear and stay warm while looking good. As you can see in the pictures below, I love the two buns look, I also used to love Minnie Mouse as a kid so maybe that’s why. I have always loved zig-zag partings so I would create a zig-zag parting down the centre of my head. I would then use a moisturising curl creme like the GroHealthy Shea and Coconut Curl Creme or the She Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie to smooth my hair back into two low buns. One of my top tricks for those lumps you get when trying to smooth your hair is to go over the lumps with a fine tooth comb and watch them disappear. You can then apply a gel or a smoothing oil to stop your hair from messing up once you put your hat on or take it off. My hair is quite fine so doesn’t really need gel to stay in place, the use of a thick curl creme and smoothing oil is always enough for me. It is also a great way of adding some extra moisture and locking it into your hair.


Now twists are my go-to protective hairstyle so besides just leaving my hair out or in a ponytail, I probably do twists more than any other hairstyle. Similar to plaits, you can do so many hairstyles, you could simply leave your hair hanging out in twists, you could opt for different flat twist designs. For this style, you will have to start by parting all your hair and detangling it and then moisturising each section before you twist it. Since you are doing your entire head in twists make sure you oil your scalp to lock in moisture and promote growth. This also helps prevent any scalp itching. I love to use olive oil because it isn’t too heavy and makes my hair feel so healthy. similar to the bun, I would recommend using a thick product with this style especially as it is a style you can leave your hair in for a long time. This style looks amazing and you can add some gold hair clips to make your look really stand out.

Head Scarves

If you are running late or your hair is a mess and you haven’t had time to fix your hair a headscarf will literally save your life (trust me I would know). Now I very recently learnt how to a headscarf and before this I was super nervous to try it but they look incredible and really worth the effort. You can learn how to wrap a headscarf here. Every time I’ve worn my hair in a headscarf I get a billion compliments. With this style, it is the perfect excuse to deep condition your hair. Grab your favourite deep conditioner or hair mask and apply it to your hair before putting it in a bun to wrap up. Mine is the Creme of Nature Honey mask. Check out some of these looks to try.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post and that you can find a style that suits you! Let your natural hair look incredible this season.

This was a super fun blog to create and I really hope that my content helps you guys to try new things and embrace your hair. If you have any specific struggles or concerns with your hair, don’t hesitate to comment below, submit a hair analysis form or just send me a message.

– Paris x

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