So earlier this year, I wrote a blog post in celebration of International Women’s day and now on Monday it’s going to be International Men’s day so its only right that I write a blog post for the men too! While curly hair gurus are typically women there are a few guys that I love aswell. I adore when men decide to grow their natural hair out. I feel that men with hair are just extra attractive so if you are a guy growing your hair out here are my favourite male curly hair gurus for you to check out. Anyways letd check out my top 5 curly men to celebrate.


Giovanni Ferrer: It never really occurred to me that men would be curly hair gurus until I found GiosWave on YouTube. He is incredibly good-looking and really entertaining to watch and even though he is a guy, I love trying out his hairstyle tutorials. He’s got plenty of uploads, but my favourite videos are about his collabs with other curly YouTubers like BiancaRenee and his hair straightening videos because of how beautiful and long his hair is.


Dawan Pearson: I only found out about his channel recently but I’ve loved his channel from the moment I subscribed. His hair is insanely stunning and his videos are helpful and interesting and I love doing my hair while watching his. He’s been doing hair for 9 years and is super informative. If you are looking for new hair products to try, he is the guy to go to.


Will Humphrey: I discovered Will on Instagram. He pops up on my explore page all of the time and I love watching his hair journey especially his jaw dropping length checks. If you want to grow your hair just watch him because he KNOWS what he is doing. He has some great hairstyles for men with long hair and I love how he really encourages men to look after their own hair and beard.

Koby Lomax

Koby Lomax: He claims to be a curly hair blogger for the young and ambitious and has a small following on instagram and YouTube. I found him in a collab with WillOnAWhim and watched a couple of his videos which were great. For the men who don’t want super long hair, they just want to keep their head of hair, Koby is the man. His hair is super curly and light at the top and while he isn’t super popular his advice is definitely worth taking.


Kamari: Now I wouldn’t say that he is strictly a curly hair YouTuber, but he definitely does have his fair share of curly tutorials for men and he is so funny. I feel like I watch his videos primarily for entertainment but I know that they are super informative and would help out a tonne of guys in need of hair advice.

I wish I could find more male curly hair bloggers and YouTubers but it seems to be very female dominated but male curlies matter too so if you’re thinking of doing it, just do it!

I hope you liked my top 5 curly men to celebrate and that my content helps you guys to try new things and embrace your hair. If you have any specific struggles or concerns with your hair, don’t hesitate to comment below, submit a hair analysis form or just send me a message.

– Paris x

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      Thank you Ayesha!


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