Office Party Curly Hairstyles

The Christmas holiday party season is finally upon us, so it’s time to turn up with your co-workers. Regardless of the theme, you are going to want to look stylish but still professional because after the night is over, you will be back at work on Monday morning. So here is to another curly hairstyle blog post, showing you some fun different options to help you slay your Office Christmas party! So for this time of year, we are going to have 3 different Office Party Curly Hairstyle options, a ‘Casual Christmas Gathering’ a ‘Formal Christmas Event’ and a ‘Themed Christmas Party’. No matter your organisation or job role, let your curls spread some holiday cheer this year with these beautiful Office Party Curly Hairstyles!

Casual Christmas Gathering

With this type of Christmas-do, you will most likely just be having something small at a co-workers house, going for some drinks or just something at the office. Whatever it is, if it is casual, you don’t want to over-do it but your curly hairstyle can really change your whole look. I really believe your hairstyle is equally as important as your outfit. Wearing simple jeans and a top with bright pink braids will look completely different from matching that outfit with a classic natural bun even though the outfit didn’t change. Below are some style ideas.

Although it is a casual gathering you want to do something a bit different to what you would typically do so that you can look like you have put in some effort. So pick a look that you wouldn’t usually do or pick a style and add some glam to it. The pink styles are looks I wouldn’t typically do, especially Number 5 so if it was me I would probably stretch out my hair and do that side twisted ponytail. If I wanted to do a look that incorporated some glam, I would pick a style from the middle with the gold hair clips. The clips are super quick and easy so you could really do this in the bathroom if you are getting ready in a rush. Finally, if you just want to keep it super easy and super casual, I would do Number 3 in orange. Just a simple long high ponytail. If you feel your hair is too short for that look, here is a long ponytail hack that you can try. Hopefully one of these 18 styles Office Party Curly Hairstyles works for you.

Formal Christmas Event 

When I think of formal I think of ‘sleek’ and ‘elegant’ and maybe it is because sleek sounds like ‘slick’, I am always tempted to just pull out a tub of Eco Styler gel and a smoothing brush to flatten these curls down but you really don’t need to. Formal hairstyles shouldn’t mean having to hide your curls so below I have shown a mixture of different curly hairstyles.

Your hair should not detract from the total package; instead, it should add polish to your look. The understated elegance should complete your ensemble. The beauty in this style is that it doesn’t have to be perfect to still be gorgeous. For me, the massive top knot is hands down my favourite curly hairstyle, but I hope you see there are other beautiful elegant simple hairstyles like the half up half down, cornrows and bun variations. Pick your favourite curly hairstyle and give it a go!

Themed Christmas Party

Last but not least, a themed Christmas party. Now although that is the name it doesn’t necessarily mean your hair has to go with the theme too. For these parties, it could be themed by an era e.g the 1920s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, disco (like mine is) or it could just simply be an actual Christmas themed event meaning you will need some red and green and maybe a candy cane. Either way, I’ve got a bunch of options for you to try.


Now for this type of party, you can be a lot more wild and bold with your style choices than you normally would. For a 1920s themed party, you can pair your outfit with these stylish finger waves which are my favourite look at the moment. This is perfect if your hair is shorter as well. For a disco theme you can just rock a big voluminous afro and for a Christmas theme, you can make it as cute and festive as you want.

Whatever the party and whatever your hair type I am sure you can find a hairstyle to rock with your natural curls. Don’t be afraid to try something different, it is the holidays after all. A few years ago, for any type of gathering, I would just wear my hair straight. I thought that wearing my curly hair was too messy and that straight hair was more sophisticated. To me, straight hair would show that I put in some effort, but since I stopped using heat on my hair, I had to find natural hairstyles for special occasions. If this is your first time wearing your natural hair to a gathering or party definitely give these styles ago and make sure you give it a small practice run beforehand. Have fun and be confident because you are beautiful!

This was a great blog to create and I really hope that my content helps you guys to try new things and embrace your hair. If you have any specific struggles or concerns with your hair, don’t hesitate to comment below, submit a hair analysis form or just send me a message.

– Paris x











































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































  1. Type 2 (Wavy): Add a lightweight mousse to your hair while damp and allow to air dry. To create a more tousled look, don’t pull your hair back too tightly. Leave a bit of hair looser at the crown so the style reflects a more effortless look.
  2. Type 3 (Curly): Smooth the sides of your hair back with a bit of Curlisto Control II Gel to create a sleek look. When fixing the back, allow some of your curls to remain free. This gives a bit of whimsy to this elegant style. Spray a bit of Jessicurl Gelebration for hold.
  3. Type 4 (Kinky): This style can be easily salvaged from an old twist out. Just smooth a bit of moisturizer like MyHoneyChild Coconut Hair Milk throughout. Once you have the hair secured in the back, you can take the end of a rattail comb to gently lift the front section to your liking. Finish the look with a bit of shine serum.
  • Relaxed
  • Themed

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