Curly Girl Christmas Gift Ideas

It is time for Christmas and it is a time for giving so here are some of the give some good Curly Girl Christmas Gift Ideas this festive period. If you are like me, you never really know what to say when somebody asks you ‘What you would like for Christmas?’ Well, here are some good Curly Girl Christmas Gift ideas that won’t break the bank and you can ask or give to your beloved curlfriends! These are some cute luxurious accessories for any curl enthusiasts. Let your loved ones (or yourself), know they have Good Hair this holiday!

Gift Option 1


A steamer is a perfect Curly Girl Christmas Gift to get a curly girl or boy for Christmas because it isn’t something that all curlies own, but it is something most wouldn’t mind owning. The people who own hair steamers generally love them, while those that don’t own a hair steamer wonder if they’re worth the money. They are quite a luxury gift so getting this will definitely impress. A steamer should only be used for 30 minutes at a time and the steam can help to moisturise, style, stretch, hydrate and deep condition your natural hair.


Gift Option 2

Product Gift Sets


Another Curly Girl Christmas Gift Idea comes in the form of a bottle rather than steam. Hair products for curly hair can be expensive so to get some for Christmas can be a dream come true. If you are buying some for someone else, see what it is that they currently use and what brands they like. If someone buys the Shea Moisture Curl Smoothie every month they will probably like a product gift set of the range. Even if they don’t love every product, we all like to try new things and find different products that work for our hair.


– DevaCurl The Kit for all Curl Kind

Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Combination Pack

The Moisture Discovery Kit FloraCurl

The Only Curls Collection

The CurlSmith Moisture Collection

Nylah Christmas Hamper

Boucleme Discovery Gift Set

Gift Option 3


I love to read and I appreciate that not everyone wants a book for Christmas, but this could be a good secret Santa present or stocking filler, especially if you are buying for someone who is transitioning or learning to love their curls. This could be Men, Women and Children. There is a tonne of resources dedicated to teaching everyone about their curls. Here are a few.

For the beginner:
Curly Girl: The Handbook by Lorraine Massey

For the transitioner:
Get My Curls Back by Shannon Fitzsimmons

For the guy:
The Curly Hair Book: Or How Men Can Now Rock Their Waves, Coils And Kinks by Rogelio Samson

For the kiddies:

  • I don’t want curly hair!
  • Don’t touch my hair!
  • Hair like mine
  • Princess Hair
  • Miras Curly Hair


Gift Option 4


Now you don’t want to get your curlie just any towel for their hair. You want to get them a microfibre towel. If you have curly hair, you will probably know the benefits of a microfibre towel but if you don’t here they are. The material used in regular towels tends to be cotton or a cotton/wool blend. Cotton is absorbent and sturdy meaning it will last for years and is also great for soaking up water. The drawback is that it can cause damage to your hair. On the other hand, the material used in microfiber towels is usually polyester and polyamide. This material is only one part of what makes microfiber towels different. This material is softer than cotton making it ideal for drying without added friction. It isn’t quite as long-lasting or sturdy compared to cotton which is the only big drawback for this material type.

Gift Option 5

Clothes and accessories

We all love something cute to wear and these brands have the perfect accessories and clothing to compliment curly hair. From satin pillowcases and lined beanies to scrunchies and curl power t-shirts, you will find something for anyone.


O So Curly

The Happy Hair Co.



This was a super fun blog to create and I really hope that you find something for yourself or the special curly girl/boy in your life. Let us know your got to Curly Girl Christmas Gift Ideas in the comments below. If you have any specific struggles or concerns with your hair, don’t hesitate to comment below, submit a hair analysis form or just send me a message.

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– Paris x

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