New Years Eve Hairstyles

We Wish You a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!

While Christmas has not arrived as yet the countdown for New Years begins as we only have 8 days left of 2018. New years is an amazing time for New Beginnings, for New Year’s resolutions and to have some fun so here are some new hairstyles that you can try for New Year’s Eve. I am not doing anything too crazy this year but usually, I will go out to a New Years party with my friends. I haven’t made any firm plans as yet, we still need to get Christmas out of the way, but this year might just be a chilled night with my cousins and friends. Regardless, here are some great looks for your New Years Party! Try out these New Years Eve Hairstyles below.

New Year, New Up-dos

So this New Years Eve Hairstyle is an up-do. I don’t really show many up-dos on my blog, but I think up-dos look super classy and can make it seem like you have put in a lot of effort, even if you haven’t. While you are on a night out, it is a really great idea to keep your hair out of your face however, you will want to make sure that these hairstyles are really secure because when the countdown begins you don’t want your hair to come down. These up-dos are all demonstrated by Laryssa S. Barbosa and they are really simple and easy to do so check out her video below.

New Year, New Glam

If you are going to a glamorous New Years Eve party or even better, you are hosting a New Years Eve party, you may want to do something a bit special or a bit different to if you were just going out to a nightclub. Here are some really beautiful looks that you can try out this New Years. However be aware that you will need some accessories and a little extra work for these looks compared to the others. Don’t be worried though, there are loads of options to choose from so you should find something that will work for you.

New Year, New You

If your New Year resolution is to make sure you take care of your hair this year, then start the year right with these protective party hairstyles. Protective styling is a great way to strengthen your hair and prevent breakage because your hair is grouped together which can help reduce damage and make your hair stronger. These hairstyles are demonstrated by JessCreations who is my favourite curly haired YouTuber, especially because of her hairstyle tutorials which are amazing and simple to follow, so definitely take a look.

I hope you have found a New Years Eve Hairstyle that will work for you, and could be a style you rock throughout the year. Have a very Happy New Year guys and I will see you next week with a new blog post.

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– Paris x

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