Curly Hair Accessories

We all like too look good and in 2019 there are a tonne of curly hair accessories out there that are perfect for you. I like to just wear my hair out most days but if I ever want to switch it up I love to turn to these cute accessories to spice up my style and add some colour. Its really fun to try out different looks so here are my top 5 favourite curly hair accessories for my hair.

Satin Scrunchies

This is my absolute favourite curky hair accessory. I love a satin scrunchie and I am beyond blessed to have so many at home. I asked for some at work during our Secret Santa and whoever my Secret Santa was, they really came through for me because I got 21 incredible satin hair scrunchies in every single colour. On Christmas I was making it rain scrunchies. I love satin scrunchies because they are so great for your hair I have had absolutely no hairs stuck to my hair band, my curls haven’t gotten squashed and my hair is less tangled. Plus they are super cute, satin scrunchies are coming back into fashion in a big way and I am so here for the movement. If you are considering it I would definitely suggest purchasing yourself some satin scrunchies this year.

Satin Scrunchies for Curly hair


I have already written a blog post about headscarves/ hair wraps and they are an amazing accessory that can really add a pop of colour or a different pattern or texture to your outfit. In particular I like satin headscarves, again because they can help to protect your hair and prevent breakage but also I love the silky look of the material. A headscarf is also a great way of hiding your messy hair underneath or allowing you to deep condition in the big wide world. Here are some places you can buy your headscarf from. Check out my post to learn how to tie a headscarf here.

Bobby Pins

Gone are the days where Bobby pins were simply just used for functionality to help fasten up your bun or secure your ponytail. No, bobby pins come in amazing colours and different styles and are the perfect curly haur accessory. I especially like the gold Bobby pins and they can be used as an accessory to accentuate your hair rather than just keep it secure. Here are just a few beautiful ways that loads of different women with curly hair use Bobby Pins as an accessory.

Hair Clips

Whatever your hair type, hair clips are extremely beautiful and should suit you. I always love to buy a bejewelled hair clip when I’m abroad on holiday as a small souvenir for myself and my favourite one is a blue jewelled clip I brought in Spain. These make a really nice addition to simple styles such as buns and ponytails. Not only can you use a pretty jewelled clip in your hair, but you can also use mini gold clips on your braids or plaits. You don’t just need braids to wear these clips however as I incorporate gold clips in a lot of different hairstyles, as I have shown in some of my older hairstyle blogs so take a look here. These can be very reasonable to pick up from your local hair shop or you can buy them using Amazon.

Hair String

Now string might sound a bit weird especially when it comes to your hair, but wrapping your hair up with some gold or any coloured string can look really effective and different. Especially when working with braids or plaits. I really like the look although I haven’t tried it myself as yet but you simply have to plait your hair with the hair string or some sort of twine and I think it gives the style a flash of colour. This is a good addition or alternative to the hair clips, but this also looks really nice paired with Bobby pins as you can see below.

This was a super fun blog to create and be sure to try out some of these accessories on your hair with some cool styles this year. Always try new things and remember to embrace your hair. If you have any specific struggles or concerns with your hair, don’t hesitate to comment below, submit a hair analysis form or just send me a message.

– Paris x

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  1. They are all looking beautiful.. I love the creativity!
    Thank you for sharing! πŸ’•


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