How to LOVE your Hair

Love is in the air and Valentines Day is right around the corner so I was going to write a corny blog post about hairstyles you could wear for your big date with your loved one. I was writing away when I stopped and started thinking to myself what is the point of this, while heart-shaped hair buns are cute, the purpose of starting this blog was to encourage people to love themselves and to love their natural hair. I want to teach people that they have good hair, not because of their curl pattern or how they choose to style it or how long it is but because they love it and take care of it and it is theirs. So I decided to throw that post in the bin and start again with something that really matters, so here are 10 ways to love your hair.

Understand It

If you aren’t feeling super hair confident, you need to start off by understanding the hair you have. If you have always had your hair relaxed or straightened its likely that you don’t actually know what your hair looks like healthy and natural.

How to LOVE your Hair - How to know your hair type - Andre Walker Hair Typing System

If you have just started transitioning your hair from straight to natural, look at the hair types around you or make an assumption from the curls at the root. The easiest way to understand your hair is to figure out your hair type. Your curl pattern will fall along a spectrum from straight to coily.

  • Type 1 = Straight
  • Type 2 = Wavy
  • Type 3 = Curly
  • Type 4 = Kinky

I personally have curly hair that is a 3C-4A. Many people have more than one hair type which is completely normal. The reason it is important to start understanding your hair is so you can filter through all the information online to figure out what is suitable for you. when looking for advice seek it from people with a similar hair texture to yours. Curly is such a broad term and people with Type 2, 3 and 4 hair often identify as having curly hair so searching for information according to your hair type can help you understand how to look after and love your hair.

Stop Comparing

How to LOVE your Hair - Stop comparing your hair - beautiful curly hair

This is also why it is important to understand your hair type. There is absolutely no point in comparing your 3C hair to someone with 3A and vice versa. I get asked all the time by people with different hair types how to achieve curls like mine and honestly, they cant. Asking that question is as silly as me asking someone with a different complexion to mine how they get their skin to be that colour. We all have to love the hair we have and to stop comparing. Even twins can have completely different hair types just compare yourself to yourself!

Practice Healthy Habits

How to LOVE your Hair - How to practice healthy hair habits

One of the best things I’ve seen stuck on my besties wall was a list of ‘bossman habits’ on the wall and while she doesn’t know it I have a list of habits on my wall too. Simple changes can make such a drastic difference to your life and creating easy to do sustainable hair habits can help you to love your hair more too. A simple scalp massage every day in the shower for 5 minutes, protective styling before bed and a deep conditioner in your hair whilst working out can go a long way. Healthy hair is easier to love, trust me. If you want to set some habits or create a routine fill out this form for a personalised hair analysis so you have somewhere to start.


How to LOVE your Hair - Curly Hair Products

It is time to figure out what you like, you may have been using the same hair products all your life but unless you try something different how do you know if it is really giving you the best results. Open up your laptop and head to Youtube because it is time for some DIY. Testing out different ingredients can help you really understand what your hair likes, is it honey, castor oil, aloe vera, tea rinses, rice water? There are a billion and one different methods to try, and concoctions to make to see what works for you. To start you off, here are some easy DIY masks you can try out.

Give Yourself Time

How to LOVE your Hair - How to practice healthy hair habits

So, you know your hair type and you know what you think your life, now give yourself time to let it actually work. A week is not enough time, a month may not even be enough time. If you are results driven you might benefit from setting yourself hair goals and then tracking your progress. When I was trying to grow my hair I would get an old t-shirt and measure my hair against it once a month to see how it had grown. It’s really important that you stay motivated and love your hair even if you don’t see immediate progress.

Celebrate and Reward Yourself

Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 20.15.42

Now once you start to see a difference in your hair, it’s looking healthier, it’s growing you and you feel like you have set up a good routine you need to make sure you give yourself a pat on the back and celebrate because loving your hair can be hard work and honestly you deserve it. Figure out new hairstyles to try, buy yourself some cute hair accessories or get yourself a little gift for staying motivated. Whatever you do it is good to be proud of yourself and to love your hair.

I hope you all have an amazing Valentines day and remember to practice some self-love. Remember your hair is amazing and don’t forget that you have That Good Hair. Let me know in the comments below how you love your hair and stay motivated with caring for it. Please subscribe by entering your email address at the bottom of the page to stay up to date with all of my new blog posts and follow me on social media @thatgoodhaircompany.

– Paris x

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