My Secrets to long hair FAST

In the past few years, I have managed to grow my hair pretty long. It is waist-length when stretched after multiple trims and dying my hair purple. Not only have I managed to grow my hair, but I have also actively grown my mum’s hair from shoulder length to now being bra strap length, despite the use of hair straighteners and hair dye. This has been using these methods, that I promise you work. Now I cannot guarantee they will work but I’m a solid 80% certain that these small changes will make a big difference to your hair. These are not your average ‘grow your hair quick tips’ so make sure you take notes.

Curly Hair Goals

Pumpkin Seed Oil

A year ago I had never even heard of pumpkin seed oil, but since doing my hair formulation course, I discovered that pumpkin seed oil is essentially a cure for hair baldness. A scientific study conducted showed that balding participants that consumed a tablespoon of pumpkin seed oil every day for 6 weeks had a lot more hair growth. Pumpkin seed oil stops the production of DHT that causes balding but not only that, it also contains vitamin B7 which helps support hair growth. After finding this out, I immediately brought a 500ml bottle of pumpkin seed oil took out my tablespoon and could not eat it for the life of me. I hated the taste but my mum didn’t mind it. She has been drinking the pumpkin seed oil for a couple of months and still straightens her hair frequently and uses shampoos with sulphates and silicones (all curly girl rule breakers) and her hair growth has been insane. Her hair has become a lot thicker and now goes from her shoulders to the middle of her back. If you try are going to try one thing from this blog to get long her fast, I would definitely recommend you trying this.

Scalp Massages

Curly Hair Goals

This method for getting long hair fast is my absolute favourite because it is completely free and really doesn’t require much effort, you only need your hands. Scalp Massages have been the key to my hair growth and I am an addict. I give myself 30-second scalp massages all throughout the day but if you feel like you won’t remember just set yourself a timer for 10 minutes and sit down and give yourself a scalp massage. Scalp massages stimulate blood flow to the scalp and give your hair more nutrients.

Curly Hair Goals
Also with curly hair, the sebum at the roots struggles to travel down the hair shaft but losing your hands in your hair can make it easier for your natural oils to spread around. If you don’t like getting your hands greasy from your hair, buy a shampoo brush/ scalp massager brush. If I’m at home that is what I use. Mine looks like this and it is really cheap and great at getting the job done.

Natural Hair Products

Natural is better especially when it comes to the products you use on your hair and your body. Using products with natural ingredients and formulas that are free from sulphates and silicones can help boost the overall health of your hair (which is the main priority) and therefore help your hair to grow long as well since your hair is receiving the nourishing nutrients it needs and won’t get split ends or breakage. I love using oils like olive oil and jojoba oil and butter’s like mango butter in my hair. Fortunately for me, I make my own 100% natural hair products and fortunately for you, I will soon be selling these products to the public so everyone can have beautiful long healthy hair. If you haven’t tried the LOC method, I would definitely recommend using this method to lock moisture into your hair and protect against breakage.

Protective Styling

Protective Styling

Last but not least is protective styling because usually if all else fails this is what I end up doing. On a general daily basis, I wear my hair out curly but this does mean I have to detangle my hair every night and it can be a lot to maintain otherwise my hair will get really matted fast. Sometimes, if I feel like my hair is getting a little out of control or like I’m losing a lot more hair than usual, I will leave my hair in a protective hairstyle for a week to just give my hair a break from me and the world. I usually opt for 2 or 4 cornrows and deep condition my hair with natural oils and butter’s to seal in moisture. Since I work full time and want to look presentable, I will redo the cornrows every morning to make sure they are neat but the key to this method is as little manipulation as possible. Make sure you spray on some leave-in conditioners so the hair doesn’t get dry. The way I look at this is like an intense recovery or rehabilitation for my hair to just give it what it needs and after a week my hair is a lot healthier and in a much better state and looks a lot longer. But do this for as long as you feel is necessary, a week works for me but you may need two weeks or even a month just make sure you wash your hair thoroughly so you don’t experience any product build-up.

So these are my secrets to long hair FAST. Give them a try and let me know how they work for you in the comments below. Curly hair can be difficult to grow because it grows in a circular curl pattern rather than straight down but so long as it is healthy it is growing so give it time.

If you have any specific struggles or concerns with your hair, don’t hesitate to comment below, submit a hair analysis form or just send me a message.

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– Paris x

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Natasha Knight says:

    I love this, pumpkin seed oil is amazing for my hair!!


  2. Natasha Knight says:

    I LOVE long hair yet I’ve had issues growing my hair as i’ve gotten older thanks Xx


  3. Rio says:

    Great post


  4. I enjoyed reading this post. I have 3c type hair and i don’t know how to take care of it, is this for all hair types?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thatgoodhair says:

      Hey thank you so much Im glad you enjoyed it. Yes this post is for all hair types and I actually have 3C hair aswell. If you want some help with your hair check out my hair analysis pages where I can give you a free hair analysis report


  5. brirosecurly says:

    About to try these out and try to be consistent with it, that’s my biggest problem consistency.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thatgoodhair says:

      Consistency is key girl! You can do it ❤


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