The Best Braids and Locs Styles for the Summer

A lot of naturalista’s love to opt for braids during the summer months, which are fast approaching over here in the UK. Braids are a great protective hairstyle that requires minimal attention and upkeep. This is perfect for the summer when you just want to get out the door without having to spend a day washing your hair or hours styling and moisturising. This year I’m getting faux locs and I am so excited but there are a tonne of styles you can choose from, so here are my fave braid/loc styles this year.

How To Care For Your Braids or Locs

One of the issues with looking after braids is that you want them to last for as long as possible without looking messy. The best way to achieve this is to forego washing it, but no one wants smelly hair with the product (gel) build up or an itchy scalp. Fortunately for everyone, I have the solution. I have created a foaming no-rinse shampoo that can help you cleanse your hair without having to use water to rinse it out. It effortlessly cleanses your hair and refreshes your scalp so your braids stay neater for longer. To order simply visit my product testing sale page here.

Now for the hairstyles.

Braided Bob

First up we have this beautiful box braids bob. There are so many different variations to this look. You can make the braids thicker or thinner to suit you and sit just above the shoulders and you can add different beautiful gold clips or jewels to your braids as well. A bob like this will suit everyone, it is a stunning hairstyle that will wow. Braided bobs like this one are chic and won’t go out of style. We love this look!


Colourful Braids

Rocking braids can be a chance to try out new hair colours. At the moment I am loving the red look, but so many people have tried grey, purple pink and more. You can wear them in a variety of different lengths but I love them super long. Get some colour in your life with these braids styles for the summer.

Faux Locs

Faux locs have sprung into popularity in recent years with the likes of Rihanna and other celebrities rocking them this year. I am joining the group this summer and my cousin is going to be giving me faux locs this summer. Dreads have a long, rich history, and the culture attached to them is beautiful. Fake locs allow practically everyone to experiment with dreadlocks and braids of all different styles, textures, lengths, and colours.


Twist braids are the usual alternative to regular braids and they are beautiful. If you wear braids a lot, you can switch it up by wearing this hairstyle instead. It is extremely versatile and a great protective style for your hair. With this style, I love seeing triangular partings and find it so geometrically pleasing. Give this braid style a go this summer.

Mini Twists

This is a great protective hairstyle that doesn’t necessarily require hair extensions to do. They are essentially tiny twists, much smaller than the diameter of a pencil.  In some cases, mini twists are so small that the hair may appear loose rather than twisted. Due to their small size, mini twists can last a lot longer than regular twists and for that reason are a great style for the summer.

So these are the best braid styles for the summer in my opinion. Give them a try and let me know how you wear braids or if you wear braids during the summer in the comments below. If you do decide to wear braids, don’t forget to buy a no-rinse braids shampoo too!

If you have any specific struggles or concerns with your hair, don’t hesitate to comment below, submit a hair analysis form or just send me a message.

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– Paris x

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  1. brirosecurly says:

    All of the styles are definitely summer worthy!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thatgoodhair says:

      Yay I’m so glad you approve. Are you going to be wearing any braids this summer? If so check out my product testing sale to get your hands on a Foam Shampoo, its perfect for braids❤


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