My Wash Day Routine

Wash day is my favourite day of the week! It is my day to press the restart button on my hair, and give it another go. I have two types of wash days, real wash days and mini wash days. Real wash days are the full monty, including a deep condition/oil treatment, shampoo and conditioner and occasionally a hair rinse. On a mini wash day, I might co-wash my hair or do a quick wash and so with a sulphate-free shampoo and a conditioner if I feel my hair is getting too dry or I just don’t have time for a real wash day.For me, wash day is a sacred routine, it’s just me my hair and some lovely self care. I really enjoy the process and I put on some wash day YouTube videos of other people to get myself in the zone. I try to keep my wash day routine as short as possible but there are some steps I just can’t miss. Here are my steps to an amazing wash day.


Messy curly hair

I like to start my wash day routine as soon as I wake up, usually this because I sleep with my hair out overnight or neglect it on the run up to my wash day and can’t bear the sight or feel of it much longer. I go and run myself a nice hot bath but I tend to leave out the bubbles if I’m washing my hair. I then go and get my That Good Hair Shampoo and Conditioner, flip flops, microfiber hair towel, O So Curly Shampoo Brush and then my actual body towel and pop them in the bathroom. I move to the kitchen and start by brewing myself a small measuring jug of Chamomile tea (which I will come back to later) and heating up my oils in a bowl. Finally it is time to begin!

Oil Treatment


I then actually start my wash day routine with a lovely hot oil treatment and scalp massage I like to use olive oil, pumpkin seed oil and castor oil. I pour them all into a bowl and give it a stir before I heat it up and I use a nozzle bottle to pour it onto my scalp and coat all of my hair. I then take my O So Curly massage brush and set a 2 minute timer and massage my scalp in circular motions which feels so good and helps the oil to really cover all of my scalp and penetrate the hair folicles. I then wrap it up into a bun on top of my head and go to run a bath.


I might be the only weirdo who likes to wash their hair in the bath, but I feel it really gives me the time to properly cleanse it since I’m sitting in a tub of water, plus I love baths. My staple shampoo is my That Good Hair Custom Formula Conditioning Shampoo. For this shampoo I chose a Peppermint water base and Castor Oil, Keratin and Rosemary extract as my active ingredients to grow thicker stronger hair. I use about 1 and 1/2 pumps focusing mainly on my scalp. This makes my hair feel SOOO incredibly soft since and since it is made of 100% natural and organic ingredients I know it is really penetrating my hair and doing some good, especially as I picked ingredients I know work well on my hair. Being sulfate free, my shampoo is low foam, but once again using the O So Curly Shampoo Brush is such a game changer because it really breaks down all the dirt and gunk, especially if I’ve used a styling product like gel during the week.


That Good Hair Products

After using my shampoo, I always condition my hair and I love to use a really thick, creamy conditioner that has a lot of slip. Once again I use my That Good Hair Custom Conditioner. I chose different ingredients for my conditioner to my shampoo because a shampoo is a wash off product, whereas a conditioner stays on for a little longer and so the active ingredients have longer to soak in. My conditioner has a Green Tea base and the active ingredients are Buriti oil, Avocado oil and Glycerine. These ingredients help to promote growth and improve curl definition and elasticity so they are perfect for my hair. I use about 3 or four pumps of the conditioner to cover all of my hair and with my conditioner in, I gently detangle my hair with a wide tooth comb. Once detangled, I then split my hair into four chunky sections, twist them and then let the steam of bath soak the product into my hair. After using these two products, I feel like my hair is the most delicate cloud crafted by angels. In other words it is super duper soft.


Hair Rinse - Rice Water

After about 20 minutes I then turn on my shower head and rinse all the product out of my hair. Annoyingly, somehow I manage to always leave a little conditioner on my scalp so recently I have been using my O So Curly brush to stop this. While rinsing out the product, I take my shampoo brush and massage my scalp which helps loosen out the conditioner so i’m getting a good rinse and it also helps to stop my hair from sticking and drying flat against my scalp. Now for the real rinse. I love herbal tea rinses because they can clarify your hair and unclog your follicles and also make your hair smooth, strong, and silky. So, I take my jug of (now cooled) Chamomile tea and flip my head over the tub before pouring it over my entire head. I then leave the tea to sit on my hair for 2 minutes before rinsing out with cold water to close back up my hair cuticle and reduce frizz. The reason I chose Chamomile is because it really helps make your hair shiny and can brighten and protect coloured hair which my hair is. To finish I simply wrap my hair up in a microfiber towel and go back to my bedroom.


While my hair is still wet, I take my leave in conditioner and any other styling products I’ve chosen on the day and saturate my hair while finger coiling some curls. The products I chose depend on so many factors, the weather, the temperature, humidity, my plans, the moon and the stars. While my hair dries I like to leave it in four twists to help the pattern of my hair form. Using a satin hair band I then tie my hair up so its out of my face and my wash day routine is complete!

I hope this blog has helped you with your wash day routine. It might seem a little time consuming than a quick wash and go, but trust me you see the difference in your hair. Let me know what you do in your wash day routine in the comments below.

– Paris x

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