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Launched in June 2020, this business is run by solo-founder, Paris Reveira. Paris is an IAT-certified Hair Practitioner and Organic Hair Product Formulator.

That Good Hair is a black-owned sustainable haircare brand with natural, effective formulas catering to customers with wavy curly or coily hair and locs. We are dedicated to helping men and women understand and care for their hair. We also cater to those with scalp conditions and allergies.
Westfield London Kiosk
That Good Hair opened at Westfield London in February 2024 offering natural, effective formulas catering to customers with wavy curly or coily hair and locs.

You can find us on the Ground Floor outside of Phase Eight, next to Candles & Oud, from Monday - Saturday from 10am - 9pm and Sunday 12-6pm. We formulate using clean, gentle, and potent, plant-derived ingredients and offer hair consultations.
Good Hair is Healthy Hair
At That Good Hair our ethos is that healthy hair is good hair. In society, straight hair is the standard of hair beauty and we think that standard should be chucked in the trash. We want to teach people with Wavy, Curly, Coily, Locs and hair conditions, how to best care for their hair.

Much like the skin, we believe that what you put on your hair and scalp is important. Our mission is to provide a premium service allowing you to take control of your hair care by choosing what goes into your bottle and on to your hair.
Healthy hair begins with healthy ingredients
That Good Hair is formulated for men and women who want products with the ingredients they want without the use of harsh chemicals. We formulate using clean, gentle, and potent, plant derived ingredients.

Harsh, harmful and barrier-forming ingredients found in many conventional haircare products can disrupt the natural harmony and balance of our scalp, often preventing moisture and exacerbating dry hair and scalp issues.

Wanting healthier hair shouldn't have to mean compromising on your wellbeing. Choosing botanical hair food means using natural colours and fragrances derived directly from plants. Compared to the norm, our haircare is free of synthetic fragrances.
Lets start your haircare journey
It is time to let you in on a *secret* the key to a successful hair journey is ROUTINE! Whether you have just done the big chop, decided to transition, set some new hair goals or just want to track your hair journey, That Good Hair is with you every step of the way. With your first order comes your Hair Journey Workbook to help you create, track and stick to your hair journey and access to That Good Hair Club where you can meet and connect with our Wavies, Curlies and Coilies on their hair care journey.

That Good Hair is a subscription for a reason, our products are developed to suit your lifestyle. Whether you are going on holiday, or deciding to dye your hair, we always need different things and that is why we let you decide (with guidance) what ingredients and formulas to pick each month.
Sexy stuff for hair conditions
We are for Waves, Curls, Coils and Locs and we are especially for those with hair conditions like Scalp Psoriasis, Alopecia, Dandruff and more. Our products are natural and gentle to your hair and scalp and you can choose to exclude ingredients and opt for fragrance free formulas. We want to make haircare sexy for people who are usually not included in the haircare market.
Contact Us
Feel free to write and call us. We really love to communicate with our lovely customers.