How to Stop Hair Loss

Did you know that hair loss is the number 1 hair concern in the UK. I’ve been there, and maybe you have been too, hair loss sucks. When you’re washing or detangling your hair and clumps are coming out that is alot more than usual and your noticing your hair getting thinner, you know something […]

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Mothers Day Ideas

Who remembers that Drake song, I only love my bed and my mama I’m sorry! Well that is definitely true for me. My mum is one of my best friends and definitely deserves a day dedicated to her. If you haven’t thought of a present you can give your mum as yet and you’re realising […]

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How To Do The Big Chop

Today I’m going to be writing about how to do the big chop. The big chop is a pinnacle moment in many naturals lives where they decide to part with their old hair destructive ways, cut off the damage and start anew. Cutting your hair is not the only way to go natural many people […]

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How to combat Triangle hair

Personally, there is nothing worse than when my hair lays down flat on top of my head and then poofs out at the end aka Triangle Hair. Here are my tips on combatting triangle hair or just flat hair in general that work every time. Click here now to read more…

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Curly Hair Accessories

We all like too look good and in 2019 there are a tonne of curly hair accessories out there that are perfect for you. I like to just wear my hair out most days but if I ever want to switch it up I love to turn to these cute accessories to spice up my […]

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Christmas Hair Masks

It is the most wonderful time of year and it is also the best time to give your hair a super nourishing hair mask to protect it from the cold. This funny, corny blog post gives you 12 DIY hair masks you can whip up for the 12 magical days of Christmas! I hope that […]

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