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Curly Hair Products That ACTUALLY Work

The first haircare brand for curly hair where
YOU get to pick your own ingredients packaging and more.
How It Works
Choose From:
Softening Lavender
Stimulating Peppermint
Soothing Chamomile
Strengthening Green Tea
Defining Rose Water

and more...
Choose From

Hydrating Glycerine
Stimulating Hibiscus
Strengthening Keratin
Moisturising Honey
Nourishing Oils
Clarifying Aloe Vera

and more...
Choose from

Peaceful Ylang Ylang
Fruity Sweet Orange
Zesty Lime
Powerful Peppermint
Caring Tea Tree

and more...
Pick Your
Pick Your
Active Ingredients
Pick Your
Why Choose That Good Hair?
Free Delivery
There is nothing worse than getting to your basket and seeing that £5 delivery charge. Don't worry because we take care of that on our side so you get your products fast and free in the UK.
Unlimited Formula Revisions
Not sure what will work for you? Well have no fear because you can change the ingredients in your formula until you find something that will work for you. Our hair is always changing now finally their are products that change with you.
Organic AND Handmade
We believe that natural ingredients are much better for your hair and overall health that is why we make sure we only use COSMOS certified organic ingredients. All of our products are handmade and unique to you. They are prepared and shipped every Friday.
Refill & Recycle Scheme
We all want to do our part for the environment and so we are trying to reduce the amount of plastic you use by only sending long lasting aluminium bottles and refilling them for you each month.
Build Your Conditioner
Time to start customising. Pick your own base, active ingredients, scent and packaging.
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    How dense is your hair?
    Hair types vary and you are likely to have multiple curl patterns, but just try and pick the hair types that you think are the closest match
    What is your curl pattern?
    Hair types vary and you are likely to have multiple curl patterns, but just try and pick the hair types that you think are the closest match
    Choose Your Base - Conditioner
    Choose 2 Active Ingredients - Conditioner
    Choose Your Scent - Conditioner
    Essential Oils
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    Custom Conditioner
    40 per month
    Our conditioner is formulated to give the ultimate slip without the silicones. Our incredible organic formula only get better once you choose your own base, active ingredients and scent to make your perfect custom blend 250ml conditioner.

    • Silicone-free
    • Makes detangling a breeze
    • Hydrates hair
    • Eczema friendly
    Customise your conditioner consistency and personalise your bottle label.

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