Hair Analysis

On this page, I am giving all of my SUBSCRIBERS a chance to receive a FREE Haircare Analysis Report. If you’re new, simply subscribe to my blog to request a hair analysis.

Simply send me a picture of your hair and a small *honest* description of your current hair care regime and I will formulate a detailed programme to help you achieve your hair goals and improve the overall health of your hair.



Email me now at to send 3 recent photos of your hair for a better report!

Let me help support you on your hair journey.



Example Report:

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 22.04.40.png


4 thoughts

  1. I received a hair analysis report from you and it was great! I’m definitely going to take your advice. Recommending products was a MASSIVE help also, as finding healthy products is always such a chore when there’s so much to choose from. Will definitely be coming to you for all my hair care needs ! X


  2. Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly! The analysis was so so helpful and I am already seeing improvements in my hair after 2 weeks following the guidance and advice you provided. Expect to hear more from me and my hair! haha x

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  3. Hey Paris! I love your blog and your advice has been so helpful. I love using the aloe Vera gel on my hair it’s really helped and the loc method has helped to keep my hair moisturised will defo continue with this!

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