Childrens Curly Hair Care

I don’t have children yet but I know that many people struggle with doing their baby boy or baby girls hair, especially if the texture is different to their own. Here are 8 ways to make children haircare a breeze. Click here now to read more…

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CurlyTreats Festival Review

The annual festival is the ultimate one-day event celebrating all things natural hair, beauty and wellness. Acknowledging culture by empowering, educating, entertaining and elevating the community, providing a safe space for over 7,000 attendees. The festival is the largest event of its kind, celebrating natural hair in the UK. Click here now to read more…

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Gym Hair Care

For the last week I have been going to the gym every morning at 6am. Now while this might be the norm for some people, this is a major major achievement for me because I struggle with getting out of bed in the mornings. It’s only been a spin class but I’ve been really proud […]

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Night Time Hair Care

I only love my bed and my mumma I’m sorry! Everyone loves sleep, especially me, but does your hair? It’s so important to protect your hair while you sleep. Want to know how? Click here now to read more…

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Curly Hairstyles For Work

I’ve just started working at Loreal and being one of the few people in my workplace with curly hair it can be difficult to embrace it. Curly hair can be deemed unprofessional and messy but this is not true. Here are some hair style options and tips for managing your curls at work. Click here now to read more…

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How To Trim Curly Hair

Did you know there are loads of benefits from trimming your hair. But trimming curly hair can be scary, or at least it was for me. Not wanting to use heat and lose to much hair cane difficult but these tips from my most recent trim should help you out. Click here now to read more…

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