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Understanding the Bases

INGREDIenthair benefits
Distilled WaterGently hydrates hair.
Peppermint WaterStimulates scalp and promotes growth.
Rose WaterAnti inflammatory soothes scalp and boosts shine and growth.
Chamomile WaterSoothes scalp and lightens blonde hair.
Green TeaFights split ends and promotes hair strength and growth.
Mango ButterMoisturises hydrates and softens the hair and prevents environmental damage.
Shea ButterMoisturises and nourishes dry hair and coarser hair types.

Understanding Active Ingredients

INGREDIenthair benefits
Aloe Vera JuiceGently hydrates, heals the scalp and moisturises hair.
AllantoinSoothes the scalp and improves curl definition and elasticity.
Apricot Kernel OilPromotes healthy hair growth and makes hair pliable and softer.
Argan OilLocks in moisture and smooths frizzy hair.
Avocado OilStimulates blood flow strengthens hair and fights hair loss.
Babassu OilRegenerates hair growth and regulates processes in the scalp.
Castor OilRestores thinning, balding hair and strengthens hair shaft for fast growth.
GlycerineSoftens and draws moisture into hair.
Green Tea ExtractCombats split ends and promotes hair strength and growth.
Jojoba OilPrevents hair loss and promotes hair thickness.
KeratinStrengthens damaged hair.
Olive OilHelps to prevent dandruff and restores damaged hair for fast growth.
PanthenolEffective hair moisturiser that softens the hair and makes it more pliable.
Rosemary C02 ExtractPromotes fast hair growth and can prevent premature greying and dandruff. (Not suitable for pregnant women)
Sodium LactateDraws moisture from the air into the hair and hydrates.