Product Testing Sale

For the first time, That Good Hair will be having a product testing sale on their shampoos and conditioners, all for £10 each.

This is to gain feedback and understand what works and what doesn’t. In future, these products will be sold on a subscription basis for more than £10. As a personalised and customisable business, I really value your opinion and don’t think there is anyone better to test with. That being said, these are all 100% safe to use.

This will be running for the month of May 2019.

  • Lovingly Handmade
  • Silicone & Sulphate Free
  • £10 Per Product
  • Free UK Delivery
  • Organic and Naturally Derived Ingredients

Your order will not be sent unless I have received payment via PayPal.

Find Out about our Ingredient Benefits at the bottom

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Distilled water: Hydrate and conditions hair.

Peppermint Water: Stimulates the scalp and encourages growth.

Rose Water: Helps define curls and improve hairs elasticity. It also soothes and refreshes the scalp.

Chamomile Water: Soothes irritated scalps and prevents hair dryness. It also helps boost the shine and colour of blonde hair.

Green Tea Water: Helps strengthen the hair and reduces split end, boosts shine and promotes hair growth.

Yucca Extract: Combats hair loss and thinning hair.