How To Do The Big Chop

Today I’m going to be writing about how to do the big chop. The big chop is a pinnacle moment in many naturals lives where they decide to part with their old hair destructive ways, cut off the damage and start anew. Cutting your hair is not the only way to go natural many people […]

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Winter Hairstyles

It’s getting colder and you know you need to protect your hair but you still want it to look cute. Well here are some cute protective styles to try out this season! Click here now to read more…

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How To Wrap a Headscarf

Beautiful hair scarves are an option to maintain moisture and overall healthy hair during colder seasons. They come in many different colors, patterns, and sizes. If you dont know how to pull one off, Click here now to read more…

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This month is Breast Cancer Awareness and having both family members that have survived and passed as a result of this illness it is definitely ver close to my heart. Wigs are a way to help deal with hair loss but are much more than that. Click here to read more…

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