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The Beginners Guide to
Ayurvedic Herbs for Curly Hair

India is known for Ayurvedic medicine that relies on herbal treatment. This incredible knowledge works perfectly in hair care to transform your curls.
India is known for Ayurveda that relies on herbal treatment. Bringing this incredible knowledge to curly hair care is truly a blessing. Look back at your grandmother’s long, lustrous, and healthy hair – it was all thanks to simple ingredients that contain great healing properties. If you are looking for the perfect Ayurvedic herbs to add into your curly routine, your search ends here! Here is our beginners list of the best Ayurvedic herbs that can give you thick, healthy, long hair in no time and they can even be added to your own custom formulas with our products.
A favourite Ayurvedic herb for That Good Hair is Hibiscus Powder, not only because of its beautiful vibrant red/pink colour, but because it is packed of potent vitamins and nutrients for curly hair. Hibiscus has shown tremendous results when it comes to boosting hair growth. The plant is high in Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Beta carotene, and Protein making it great for strengthening your curls, deep conditioning the hair and adding life and vitality to dull strands. Hibiscus also helps your hair regulate processes and retain melanin, preventing premature greying of hair. It also works very well when turned into a hair oil, particularly if you struggle with dry hair. Some of our favourite oils for dry hair are here.
Hibiscus Flowers
Another great and powerful Ayurvedic herb that is commonly used in curly hair care is Fenugreek. Fenugreek helps with managing hair loss, can stimulate healthy hair growth and regrowth. It has natural conditioning properties that nourishes the hair and scalp as well as adding shine. Its anti-fungal properties can also aid in combatting dandruff and strengthening your hair
Fenugreek Powder
Neem oil
Neem oil is well known for its antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties and is one of the most cooling herbal oils used in Ayurveda. Neem oil contains several fatty acids that help to revitalise and restore dry, brittle hair. Not only is Neem oil able to promote growth and lustrous hair, it also helps to restore hair health. It can treat head lice without any side effects and can treat scalp infections with a cooling and soothing effect. Neem oil must be used with a carrier oil due to its potency. Combine Neem oil with Sweet Almond oil or Coconut Oil.
Neem Leaves
Amla Powder
Amla powder is a popular powder for Ayurvedic beginners, especially with hair care. Amla powder is rich in Vitamin C and Iron which are necessary to create collagen. Vitamin C promotes overall hair health, reduces hair loss and improves hair growth. Vitamin C can also prevent dry hair and split ends. Topical application of Amla powder can minimise dandruff and creates an environment for healthy hair to flourish. A common Ayurvedic practice with Amla is to use is it as a pre-poo treatment in an oil while massaging your scalp the night before you wash your hair. This conditions your hair and scalp and helps to reduce shedding on wash day.
Using Ayurvedic Ingredients
If you are a beginner, incorporating leaves and powders into your hair regime may seem confusing and foreign but Ayurvedic herbs are easy and flexible to incorporate into your regular hair care practices. Here are 3 ways to use Ayurvedic herbs.

  1. Spray treatment
Take your Hibiscus leaves and Ayurvedic powders of your choice together into a disposable tea bag or a tea strainer and place in a mug with some boiling water to create a hair tea. Once cooled transfer this tea into a spray bottle to spritz your hair while detangling or before washing.

2. Ayurvedic hair oil

With your Ayurvedic ingredients of choice, place them into your blender and pulse until you create a thick paste. Add this paste to a pot on a low/medium heat with 500ml of a neutral oil like olive oil or coconut oil. Cook the past in the oil but make sure you don’t burn it. Then let the oil cool and strain with a cheese cloth or a coffee filter. Add any essential oils of choice and then transfer to a jar or bottle.

3. Hair Mask

This super easy hair mask consists of crushed hibiscus leaves and flowers and alma powder. Stir the ingredients together and add some water or coconut milk to create a smooth paste. You then want to liberally apply the mask to your hair and your roots leaving it for 20-30mins before rinsing.
Understanding Ayurvedic herbs can be challenging but they hold so many benefits for curls and hairs of all textures. Be sure to do your research and you can learn more about ingredients from our Ingredients Glossary.
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