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Custom Made Curly Hair Products

It should be easier to look after curly hair and with That Good Hair, it is. We create custom made curly hair products allowing you to choose what goes inside of your bottle and what goes on to your hair.

We want to change the world one curl at a time by allowing you to be the best you, you can be and redefining what it is to have
GOOD Hair.
Stay up to date with your hair journey by tracking your process and adjusting your goals and challenges.
Monitor Your Hair
Change your ingredients each month to try something different in your next bottle.
Change Formulas
Join a group of people who have hair just like yours and share advice, tips and your formulas.
Join a Hair Tribe
Receive your own 250ml bespoke hair care products every month and send your bottles to be refilled.
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How It Works
From start to finish, and even beyond, we offer the most personalised and premium experience to help you on your hair care journey.
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How To Make Your
Custom-Formula for Curly Hair
Answer questions about your hair type.
Select your products formula target area
Choose your base, active ingredients and scent.
Finalise your new hair formula.
Customise your bottles and personalise your label.
Set your subscription schedule and receive your products!
How Your Order is Made
Every order is individually hand made to suit your hair specifically, to meet your wants and needs and to help you get the hair you have always dreamed of.
How That Good Hair Custom Products Are Made
Our Ingredients
We only use the freshest, organic ingredients to make the most effective, sustainable and powerful hair care products that are best suited to your hair.
Pick Your Base
All of our shampoos and conditioners are water based. This means that they are made up of 50% or more of water so you need to pick a base that will impart the best properties on to your hair.
Pick Active Ingredients
Our hair needs different things for different reasons. Some of us need more hydration, moisture, humectants or protein. You can give your hair exactly what it needs with the active ingredients.
Pick Your Scents
Our products are scented with 100% pure Essential Oils which not only smell great but can have amazing benefits for your hair and scalp.
Pick 1 Base
Pick 2 Active Ingredients
Pick 3 Scents
Our Features
It can be a bit scary having to take control and chose what goes inside of your hair products but with our suggestion system whether your a hair novice or a hair expert, we try and take the guess work out of making your own hair products.
Unlimited Formula Revisions
Not sure what will work for you? Well have no fear because you can change the ingredients in your formula until you find something that will work for you. Our hair is always changing now finally their are products that change with you.
Organic Ingredients
We believe that natural ingredients are much better for your hair and overall health that is why we make sure we only use COSMOS certified organic ingredients.
Free Delivery
There is nothing worse than getting to your basket and seeing that £5 delivery charge. Don't worry because we take care of that on our side so you get your products fast and free in the UK.
Refill & Recycle Scheme
We all want to do our part for the environment and so we are trying to reduce the amount of plastic you use by only sending long lasting aluminium bottles and refilling them for you each month.
Made For You
Whether your a hair novice or a hair expert you can create something that will work for you. So many have already, and they love it!
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