Ingredients and Sustainability
What does "clean ingredients" really mean?
3 guiding principles keep us honest:
  1. We have a really long checklist.
  1. We're picky about our ingredients.
  2. Ingredients: You choose the core ingredients in your formula and get clarity over your base formula.
  3. Fragrances: our expertly-blended fragrances evoke sensorial experiences while sticking to our strict ingredient list. We also offer 100% natural fragrances blended from essential oils, and fragrance-free options
  4. Sulphates and Silicones: Our products are all silicone and sulphate free preventing the harsh stripping of natural oils and product buildup from these ingredients.
  5. We don't compromise on our values.
Do you test on animals? Do the products contain silicones or sulphates? Are your products gluten-free?
No, no and yes!

As a company, we are committed to creating products that use only safe, natural ingredients, wherever possible, and are continuously seeking new and environmentally-friendly ingredients. All of our products are free of sulphates, silicones, mineral oils, phthalates, and gluten, among many other ingredients. Our products are also 100% vegan and cruelty-free!
What are the boxes made out of?
At That Good Hair we want to be good to the planet which is why we try to limit the plastics used in our packaging as much as possible. Our kraft boxes are 100% recyclable, and made with at least 30% post-consumer recycled materials. The materials are also sourced from environmentally responsible paper suppliers.
What are the bottles made out of?
You might notice our products look a little different to others you might see in shops, that is because we opted for Aluminium bottles, which are easier to reuse and easier to recycle. Unlike plastic which needs petroleum, a non-renewable resource, aluminium is taken from bauxite. The Aluminium Association online has predicted that bauxite resources will last for centuries. Aluminium is also infinitely recyclable unlike plastic which downgrades every time it is recycled until rendered unusable. Aside from all of this, it also looks great in your bathroom! Our aluminium bottles are designed to be your bottle for life. Just rinse the bottle out with some warm water to reuse it if you don't want to send it back to be refilled.
What are the pumps made out of?
Our pumps are made of plastic. The silver pump is for our conditioner and the black pump is our shampoo. At present, for aluminium cosmetic bottles there are no other alternatives to a plastic pump.Our pumps are BPA free.
What is the refill and recycle scheme?
As a startup, we want sustainability to be a focus from the very beginning so we can start off on the right foot. As a subscription business that uses sustainable and reusable aluminium packaging we wanted to help us all do our bit for the environment by refilling your bottles. This helps us all to reduce our waste. You can sign up for this feature from your customer portal. Two weeks before your delivery date we will contact you to send you your shipping details to send back your bottles.
Your Account
What can I find in my account?
In your customer account, you can find your order details with the ingredients you selected; your account information including your address; your referral page and your access to join your hair tribe.
How does the subscription plan work?
As a That Good Hair Subbie, you will get ongoing deliveries of your favourite personalised formulas on the delivery schedule of your choice every month. It's easy to make changes to your formula's hair goals, ingredients or fragrances within your account. You also get exclusive perks (think free shipping, invitations to help test-drive new products, events and more!).

A few days before your subscription order is set to be filled, you will receive an email reminder to adjust your formula, change your delivery date, update your account details (like your address or billing info), and make any other edits to your subscription. You will be charged for your subscription when we start working on your new order.

Please note that since all formulas are fully customized, we cannot accept returns or apply refunds after your order has been processed. Any adjustments or cancellations made to your subscription after a payment has been made will not change your current subscription order and will instead be applied to the following subscription order.
    How do I modify my subscription?
    You can modify your subscription plan from your account page. Under "Your Subscriptions", select "Manage" on the subscription you'd like to modify, and you'll find the option to edit your formulation, order a return label to refill your bottles and edit the frequency of shipments, adjust your billing information and shipping address, add or remove pumps, and choose fun add-ons.

    There's also an option to "Cancel Subscription." Please note that since all formulas are fully customized, we cannot accept cancellations, returns, or apply refunds after your order has been billed and processed. All cancellations will apply to the following scheduled delivery.

    Once you have successfully canceled your subscription, you will receive an email from us confirming that your subscription has been canceled. If you do not receive this email after 24-hours, please reach out to us info@thatgoodhair.co.uk so that we can help!
      What is the Refill and Recycle scheme?
      We want to try and be sustainable as best as we can so send back your bottles and these will either refill the bottle or if it is dented and damaged we will recycle it for you. You can find this function on your account page.
      Shipping + Returns
      Do you ship worldwide?
      Currently, That Good Hair exclusively ships within the UK.
      When can I expect my order?
      Once you order, we formulate your product, and then we ship! This process typically takes 7-9 business days from the time the order is placed. We'll make sure to send you a shipping notification with a tracking number via email as soon as your package ships.

      You can then choose your subscription date and you will receive your product every month on that date.
        Why is my tracking number not working?
        Sorry about that! In a few cases, the carrier takes 1-2 business days to register your shipment status. If your tracking number isn't updating or working at all, please reach out to us as soon as possible at info@thatgoodhair.co.uk. We can give you the inside info!
          Contact Us
          If your question is not amongst our FAQs, please drop us an email. We really love to communicate with our lovely customers.