Bad Hair Habits to STOP

Bad Hair Habits to STOP

We all do some things that we know we shouldn't do and there may also be some things we don't know we shouldn't be doing, but here are some hair habits to STOP!

Over Manipulation

We use our hands a lot when it comes to our hair, for applying products, washing, finger detangling, parting and styling. But the condition of our hands can have an impact on your hairs condition. You wouldn't recommend using a damaged broken comb to do your hair because it can rip out your hair, but if you look down at your hands, they could be doing the same thing. Biting your nails and wearing rings can be so damaging to your hair. Doing your hair with chipped or jagged nails can cause breakage and snag your hair even wearing jewellery can catch on to your hair and cause it to snap or pull out. If your goal is to grow your hair and maximise length retention, it might be time to pull out the nail clippers. Ensure that your fingernails are well kept and you remove jewellery such as rings and bracelets when touching your hair. This is definitely a hair habit to stop.

Chemical Relaxing

For many with natural hair, they may choose to perm or straighten their hair to make it easier to manage. Perms and relaxers can be extremely damaging to your hair and your health due to the chemicals used and there have been links to these chemicals with medical issues like fibroids and hair loss. Straightening your hair can also be harmful to your hair due to heat damage. Make this your year for embracing your natural hair, either through transitioning or putting the hair straighteners down.

Many opt for the big chop as a way to get rid of their damaged hair and start afresh with their healthy hair. If you aren't that brave then just try and increase the time between straightening or perming your hair. When I used to straighten my hair every day, I started cutting this down by straightening my hair one week and then wearing it curly the next, then straight for one week and curly for two and so on. This helped me to slowly transition to curly hair on a permanent basis.

Excessive Trimming

Not all people, but some people cut their hair too often and wonder why they don't see any growth. It is a myth that cutting your hair makes it grow faster. Cutting split ends and damage from the ends will boost your overall hair health but doesn't impact how fast your hair grows out of your scalp. If your hair isn't damaged or split at the ends, cutting it too often will only be making it shorter and could be the reason you aren't seeing any growth. Simply, put the scissors down. Most people say you should give your hair a trim every 3-4 months. I would personally suggest checking your hair to see if you have any damage and split ends and doing it then as all our hair is different. I tend to trim my hair a few times a year when I start noticing a difference in the texture of my ends or visible breakage and splitting. 


This is probably my worst habit, but I am making a massive effort to stop doing it this year. It is sleeping with my hair out. When I get tired and I want to go to bed, I just want to go to bed. I hate having to get ready for bed and although I go to bed around 9-10pm every night, every time it is time to do my hair I get extremely lazy. I probably do my hair at 3 times a week and the rest of the time I put it in a lose dry bun and call it a night. This is really bad for my hair and I know this is the main act that damages my hair specifically. Fortunately, I sleep with a satin pillowcase and satin scrunchies but don't be like me guys, protective styling all the way.
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