Building a Curly Hair Routine

Building a Curly Hair Routine

Textured hair is a beautiful blessing and blessings deserve to be taken care of. Maintaining healthy natural hair requires consistency and patience and having a solid hair routine can make this a much easier process. Whether you are a complete natural newbie or a curly expert building a hair routine is a great and essential step for your hair journey. Here are some tips to help you with building a hair routine you can actually stick to. Our Hair Care Pyramid is a useful guide to determine how regularly you should be doing different hair care practices and can help with building your hair routine.


There are a lot of different tasks you can do on a daily basis and these can help you with building your hair routine.

For Waves and Loose Curls that can lose their shape easily and can struggle from product build-up, limit your daily routine to lightweight products such as spray leave in conditioners, water and stylers for hold and definition such as mousse and gel.
For tighter curls that tend to be drier, your hair will likely need moisturising on a daily basis, particularly for high porosity hair that struggles with retaining moisture.

On a daily basis, your hair routine would benefit from leave in conditioner, refresher sprays or cleansing foams and stylers like gel that can aid with detangling, styling and curl definition. For kinky coily hair on a daily basis your hair will need more moisture than the other hair types. Products like leave in conditioners, hair butters and light oils will make a nice addition to a coily hair routine, but if you have fine hair you may want to try to stay away from heavy oils and butters like coconut oil and shea butter that can weigh your hair down. Make sure you are using the right oils for your hair.
Tip: Use these when appropriate, you make prefer to heavier apply products at night and simply spritz with water in the morning or look for leave-in conditioners with SPF for the day. It all depends on what works for you.


  • Cleanser - When it comes to cleaning our hair, this is a topic that widely varies in the textured hair community. From no-poo to sulphate free to clarifying shampoo to co-washing their are a tonne of methods out there. How often you should wash your hair also varies but a typical recommendation is to wash your hair once a week. Whatever you do, you want to be working on clean hair so removing dirt and product build up IS important. Not sure what shampoo will work for you, build your own dream cleanser to implement in your hair routine. Or for braids, locs and protective styles, opt for our Cleansing Foam.
  • Conditioner - Conditioners moisturise your hair and help the cuticle to lay flat. When conditioning your hair, you can use the product in your hair to help you detangle and soften your hair. You should leave a conditioner in your hair for around 10 minutes to allow it to impart all of its conditioning properties on your hair. You really want to ensure you put your conditioner throughout your hair avoiding your roots, particularly if you struggle with fine hair as this can weigh it down. Make sure you use a silicone free conditioner, you can create your own custom conditioner at That Good Hair.
  • Deep Conditioner - Deep conditioners are intended to be intensive treatments for your hair and often are targeted at specific areas with higher concentrations of active ingredients and oils to penetrate the hair. They are left on the hair for a longer period of time usually 20-30 mins.You should aim to deep condition on a weekly basis either before cleansing or after conditioning.


The activities that should be in your monthly hair routine such as Steaming, Hair Masks and Hair Rinses are special treatments that help to replenish your hair which is why they can be done less regularly. However you are able to do them as often as you would like. People with low porosity hair tend to steam their hair on a weekly basis while deep conditioning to help lift the hair cuticle. People who struggle with a dry itchy scalp or frizz might regularly do hair rinses with Green Tea or Chamomile tea. Those with coloured hair or who are transitioning may use a hair mask on a regular basis to help manage their dryness. All of these activities are relative to your hair and what you think is best for it.
Want to start your hair care journey the right way, create your own Custom Hair Care products to give your hair exactly what it needs and have your hair products change along with your hair care journey.
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