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Men's Haircare Tips

With limited information on how men with longer hair can care for their hair, it can be difficult to manage. Here are easy steps to maintaining your hair that keep your curls manageable and healthy.
Caring for men's hair
Arguably the most overlooked group in the natural hair care industry are men. Male hair has the ability to grow long just like females hair and they go through similar issues. Dealing with split ends, wanting fuller longer hair and figuring out what products to use.

As boys grow up their hair is typically cut short and they are rarely taught how to care and look after their hair. Trends, however, have changed and more men are starting to grow and style their hair in twists, plaits, cornrows and dreads. Many men believe it’s too expensive, time-consuming, and difficult, to look after their hair, however, contrary to popular belief it is much easier than it looks.

Here are 3 tips to help men manage and maintain their natural hair.
Regardless of gender, hair needs moisture! A moisture routine needs:
  • Good sulphate free shampoo/cleanser
  • Botanical silicone free conditioner
  • Water
  • Moisturiser/leave in
  • Oil
These products are separate from your styling products like waxes and gels. These will impart moisturising and hydrating agents to your hair making it healthy, soft and manageable. Wash your hair regularly on a weekly basis using a shampoo or cleanser on your scalp and then applying conditioner to your hair and detangling. Work in sections to make your hair easier to manage and use a wide tooth comb. It is so important to moisturise daily, whether you washed your hair or not, to replenish hydration that is lost through the day. Spritz your hair with some water to hydrate your hair, then apply your leave in conditioner to moisturise and smooth your hair. Finish off with a small amount of oil to your ends of your hair to seal in the moisture.
Avoid generic products marketed towards men, like 3-in-1 Shampoo Conditioner and Body wash, these can be drying because they often contain sulphates.
Paris Reveira
IAT Certified Hair Practitioner
Beards are like makeup for men, they can transform your face and can contour and hide blemishes better than any makeup I've ever seen, plus its free. Growing a beard can be a long itchy process and according to Murdock London, it can take 3 months to grow a perfect beard so it's important to know how to take care of it.

Keep your beard clean and conditioned, paying extra attention to cleaning and moisturising the skin underneath as well. What you will need is:
  • Oil
  • Beard wash
  • Beard comb

Talk to your barber and ask bearded friends for their product recommendations. Beard oil is necessary to moisturise your hair and the skin underneath. A Beard comb will trap the products inside your beard and train the hair to grow in the right direction, while beard wash will keep your hair soft and clean. Another tip is to condition your beard in the shower, this method is similar to co-washing but for your beard. Like the hair on your head, your beard needs moisturising.
Men who have beards which take longer to flourish are less likely to be bald in older age, whilst men who have beards from a young age are more likely to be bald!
Paris Reveira
IAT Certified Hair Practitioner
Everyone knows that some guys are more devoted to their barber than their girlfriends, so who better to turn to when deciding on what hairstyle would suit you. Shaving your head is one option, as is cutting it close to the scalp with clippers and fading it with graduated lengths. If you prefer hairstyles like an afro, cornrows, or plaits find a good hairdresser.

Keeping your hair neat can be difficult for men. Various activities like sleeping and playing sports can disrupt your chosen hair style. A good solution for maintaining your hair is a durag or a silk scarf. This protects your hair from friction rubbing against the pillow for 6-9 hours every night, and holds your hair in place. This also protects your hair from damage and can support hair growth.

When you put your hair in a protective style, don't forget to regularly moisturise to help aid healthy hair growth.
Paris Reveira
IAT Certified Hair Practitioner
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