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Summer Curly Hair Tips

As the seasons change, so does our hair. Your regular hair routine will need adjusting and this can influence your wash days, hairstyles and even products. Read more to learn how you can get your best summer time curls.
Should you treat your hair differently in the Summer?
Depending on where you live in the world, the summer is a time to go outdoors, enjoy the sunshine, go swimming and eat ice cream, all of which can effect your hair.
The summer has a beneficial impact on your hair growth due to the higher temperatures and sunny weather. The warmer weather boosts the supply of nutrients needed for keratin production. The production of this protein (essential for hair growth ) is increased and your locks grow faster. However, excessive sun exposure can dry out the hair shaft. Being outdoors in the sun can also lead to higher levels of sweat and dirt on the scalp and pollution in your hair. All of these factors will influence your hair routine and how you protect your hair during the summer. Here are our top summer curly hair tips to keep your curly hair in full health and in great condition.

Trim your hair
Since your hair is growing faster during the summer, it is the perfect time to give your hair a trim. Trimming you hair of its damaged and split ends is a great way to maintain your hair health and promote long term length retention. As it is summer your hair will grow back to its normal length faster and you will have the appearance of thicker fuller hair without the wispy thin ends at the bottom. When trimming your hair be sure to use sharp hair scissors. Using hair scissors seals the ends preventing the hair from splitting easily.
You may find that since you are outside more, and probably sweating more, your hair is getting dirtier quicker. Leaving your hair dirty until you make it to wash day can make your hair more difficult to style, cause breakage, split ends and damage the health of your hair. It is really important to maintain clean hair, however we also need to avoid over washing which can dry out your hair by stripping your natural oils, leaving it feeling brittle.

Co-washing can be a great solution. A co-wash is a cream cleanser that can remove product buildup and sweat. It is great for curly and coily hair in the summer since co-washes gently cleanse your scalp, while moisturising your curls and coils which are more prone to dryness than other hair types. Co-wash as often as you need to during summer weeks. If you need a co-wash order our Custom Cleanser by selecting the 'Cream' texture at the checkout.
When you co-wash focus on your scalp and use a shampoo brush to help remove any buildup and sweat.
Paris Reveira
IAT Certified Hair Practitioner
SPF and UV Protection
Our next summer curly hair tip is to protect your hair from the sun. Although your hair is not as sensitive as your skin, it still need protection from the sun. You can always choose to wear a hat or a scarf to cover your hair and keep it protected but if you decide to wear it out make sure you are wearing a form of SPF on your hair. Many natural oils have SPF and can help to prevent the damage of UV rays. Our Golden Oil contains Baobab Oil, Buriti Oil and Vitamin E and has great SPF and UV ray protection. Baobab oil contains vitamin E, which has been shown to be beneficial for reducing damage caused by ultraviolet (UV) rays. Vitamin E can absorb the energy from UV light and prevent UV-induced free radical damage. Buriti Oil has also been proven to have an SPF of 36 and has natural properties to protect cells against photo oxidative damage.
When it is hot, you want to keep your hair out of your face. Not only does this help keep you cool but it also stops your hair from picking up any dirt and sweat from your skin. By opting for protective styles like buns, braids and cornrows, you can keep your hair protected, clean and moisturised. When styling your hair you want to keep your hair moisturised but make sure you use humectant free products. During the summer, the air becomes more humid. The issue with humidity is that too much moisture is being absorbed by your hair. Humectants are often used in moisturising products and stylers like hair gel because they attract water from the environment into the hair. However in humid weather, this can cause frizz and can even be damaging to your hair. A great humectant free moisturiser is our Custom Hair Butter. This rich emollient blends natural conditioning butters with organic oils to soften and smooth your hair from root to tip.
When you put your hair in a protective style, don't forget to regularly moisturise to help aid healthy hair growth.
Paris Reveira
IAT Certified Hair Practitioner
I hope that you enjoy this guide and that it can help make caring for your hair in the summer a breeze. Our summer curly hair tips are perfect for waves, curls and coils so make sure you get these into your routine.
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