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Winter Curly Hair Routine

When it comes to your winter curly hair routine, the secret to nurturing and sustaining vibrant, healthy curls lies in consistency and determination. While the journey might seem daunting, the challenge often lies in getting started and staying motivated.
Winter brings its unique challenges to managing textured hair. Maintaining the health of your natural hair calls for consistency and a dash of patience, and the cornerstone of this journey is establishing a reliable winter curly hair routine. Whether you're just beginning your natural curly hair journey or are well-versed in the ways of curly care, crafting a structured hair routine is a pivotal step in nurturing your locks. To aid you in this endeavour, here are some valuable tips for building a hair routine that you can steadfastly commit to.
Daily Winter Curly Hair Routine
There are a lot of different tasks you can do on a daily basis and these can help you with building your hair routine but these all start with choosing the right products.

During the winter, your hair routine would benefit from leave-in conditioner, refresher sprays and stylers like gel that can aid with detangling, styling and curl definition. For kinky coily hair on a daily basis, your hair will need more moisture than the other hair types. Products like leave-in conditioners, hair butter and light oils will make a nice addition to a coily hair routine, but if you have fine hair you may want to try to stay away from heavy oils and butters. Have a look at our Renew and Moisturise Collection which will keep your hair healthy all winter long.
Winter Routine Treatments
Winter is the perfect time to embrace a nourishing deep conditioning routine, particularly when it comes to preserving well-hydrated, luscious curls. Particularly if you straighten your hair or get a winter blowout. These treatments are carefully formulated to linger on your hair and scalp for an extended duration, usually ranging from 15 to 30 minutes, before you gently rinse them away. For optimal results, consider limiting your usage to just 1-2 times each week.

While luxuriating in the soothing application of your deep conditioner, take a moment to massage your scalp in circular motions. Not only does this provide a deeply relaxing experience, but it also stimulates enhanced blood circulation within the scalp. This improved circulation facilitates the efficient delivery of essential nutrients to your hair, contributing to its overall health and vibrancy.
Night Winter Curly Hair Routine
During the winter, nighttime care for your curly hair is of paramount importance. Wearing your hair in a protective style while you sleep, such as chunky twists or braids, is a game-changer. These styles not only help preserve your curl pattern and definition but also serve as a protective shield against the dry, winter air.

However, it doesn't end there – the choice of pillowcase material can make a substantial difference. Opting for satin or silk pillowcases is a wise move. Their smooth surfaces create minimal friction, reducing moisture loss and preventing your curls from becoming frizzy. Together, these nighttime rituals offer an effective way to maintain well-hydrated, healthy curls throughout the winter season.
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