How To Finger Coil

Finger coils are an incredible hairstyle that involves splitting their hair into sections and finger coiling each strand of hair. Finger coils are a great option for curly haired girls of all hair lengths.
How Do You Finger Coil
Here is how to finger coil your hair. Most people start by washing and conditioning their hair, then sectioning their hair into small pieces, less than an inch square. You apply moisturising products and gel to each section. You then twirl the section around your finger until it's tightly spiralled, then repeat on the rest of your hair. Once you finish let the product soak into your hair and our coils dry and ta-da your hair is finished! You can define your curly hair using the finger coiling method to minimise frizz, encourage super defined curls & add volume! You can get all the products to create this look from the That Good Hair Custom Store. Be sure to choose Allantoin and Betaine to help minimise frizz and enhance Curl Elasticity.
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Pros For Finger Coiling
I have been sick for the last few days, and super busy for even longer so as per usual my hair is taking the brunt force of this neglect and has been confined to a bun for the last few days. My hair has been slowly matting together in a bun, and my guilt has been increasing in equal measure. I finally mustered up the courage to let my hair down, well let it out of the hair band although it still decided to stand defiant against the force of gravity. My curls looked flattened and lifeless so I knew I needed something intense to fix this, I decided to take up the exhausting task of finger coiling.
How to Finger Coil your Hair: When you finger coil your hair you may want to use a lightweight gel to help give the style some extra hold to last you longer than a week.
Paris Reveira
Hair Care Guru
The results were insane. I loved how smooth, soft and defined my curls were my hair was so beautiful. Not only did I love the results, they lasted for a solid WEEK. At night I would put my hair up in a loose ponytail and spritz it with some water to refresh the curls in the morning and they stayed in perfect condition till my next wash day.
Cons for Finger Coiling
Although my hair was so smooth, silky and soft. I didn't love how long this process took me. Moisturising, combing and twisting each section of my hair took an hour and a half excluding drying time, with other bloggers and YouTubers claiming this process took up to 5 hours!!! It is definitely a time-consuming process and there are much shorter options, such as twists, plaits, Bantu knots etc., that can have beautiful results in a much shorter time span. However, this is really great if you're trying to switch things up! It really helps with retraining your curls and enhancing your pre-existing curl patterns.
How to Finger Coil your Hair: If you have low density hair, you may want to opt for a style that creates volume rather than definition to make your hair appear fuller.
Paris Reveira
Hair Care Guru
We all know that curly and coily hair is prone to shrinkage but I wasn't expecting this. Shrinkage is the extra tight coiling of the hair that normally happens after your hair is wet. This makes the hair appear much shorter than the hairs actual length. It is well known that black hair, in its natural state, can shrink up to 80 percent of its actual length. Now while my hair looks a bit below shoulder length in the photos, my hair stretched out, reaches my waist. Not only was my hair shorter than usual, but it also lacked it usual volume which was disappointing because I love big hair.

If you also love volume and your hair is low density like mine, this might not be for you. While this is the case, this method is amazing for really locking the moisture into your hair, and shrinkage is proof of this as moisturised hair shrinks more.
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