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How to Stop Hair Loss

Did you know that hair loss is the number 1 hair concern in the UK?
If your losing clumps of your hair or noticing your hair getting thinner, you know something is wrong. So how do you stop hair loss?
Noticing Hair Loss
Hair loss is when your hair falls out and doesn't grow back so you begin to notice your hair getting thinner or balding in areas. For some, hair loss can be a gradual process and you may notice it happening slowly thinning at the top or for others you could begin to lose clumps of hair.

I am also starting to notice my hair thinning of recent but I think this is down to excessive shedding from manipulation. I haven't been detangling my hair properly before bed and often leaving it in buns causing knots that result in a lot of shedding when I do actually detangle my hair properly.

While there is no way to stop normal hair shedding, there are ways to improve our hair's health and further prevent true hair loss by caring for ourselves from the inside out.
Everyone knows that your diet can impact your weight, skin and overall health, but not many people know that it can impact your hair. According to Philip Kingsley, you have around 120,000 hairs growing on your scalp at any given time that need support too grow. As your hair isn't a vital organ, when you are experiencing a nutritional deficiency it will show up first in your hair.

Drinking a lot of water and eating foods containing protein and fatty acids really promote hair strength and growth and can keep your locks looking luscious and long. If you are struggling with hair loss you might want to look at your diet and see if you have made any recent changes that could be impacting your hair.
The essential omega-3 fatty acids nourish hair at the follicles, where each strand connects to your scalp and can help strengthen the hair reducing breakage and dryness.
Paris Reveira
IAT Certified Hair Practitioner
Scalp Care
Your hair grows out of your scalp, so its common sense that looking after your scalp can help you to prevent hair loss. You want to make sure you keep product buildup to a minimum. Scalp skin is some of the thickest skin of the body with 5 layers, and it carries more blood than the rest of your skin. Your scalp also contains many sebaceous glands, which produce oil, or sebum, that protects hair. Because of the abundance of sebaceous glands, it's important to clean your scalp thoroughly. If oil builds up, you can end up with clogged hair follicles or dandruff. Dandruff is caused by bacteria that get trapped in the oil and produce fatty acids that cause itching and swelling. This causes the skin cells on your scalp to replenish more frequently, and flakes of dead skin can get caught in your hair and fall to your shoulders. Too look after your scalp, make sure you give yourself regular scalp massages and use a shampoo brush to really keep it clean.
Be gentle when you detangle your hair, you don't want to be causing more hair shedding than necessary. Start at the ends and work your way up.
Paris Reveira
IAT Certified Hair Practitioner
Products and Styling
It is easy to put your hair in hairstyles like braids, weave or cornrows which are low maintenance and protective styles. But this can be doing more damage than good. When you are under stress, your hair can become weaker at the root so tight hairstyles like these can pull the hair out and weigh the hair down which will show when you take your hair out. Alternatively, wear your hair in simple plaits or twists or wrapped in a scarf. Protective hairstyles are great but make sure it isn't tight. Not only are these styles tight but they make it difficult to moisturise and clean your hair which is key to health and length retention. Our No-Rinse Foam Cleanser is made specifically for braids, locs and protective styles to clean hair without causing any frizz or needing to be rinsed like traditional shampoo.

Make sure you are also aware of your products, if you haven't transitioned to Custom Hair Products as yet then maybe this is a reason to. Hair care brands have the ability to change their formulas as they wish and can swap ingredients for cheaper ones to save costs, however this can have serious negative implications for some people and be the cause of hair loss. Make sure you read your ingredients to see if your hair care products have changed their ingredients recently.
When you put your hair in a protective style, don't forget to regularly moisturise and clean to help aid healthy hair growth.
Paris Reveira
IAT Certified Hair Practitioner
I really hope that these tips help you yo combat and prevent hair loss. Your hair is amazing and health is a new beauty so let's get that healthy happy hair.