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Natural SPF for Curly Hair

Like our skin, our hair needs to be protected from the potentially damaging impacts of the Sun. Nature is our hair's best friend and these easy DIY products are great sun protectants for your hair.
We all know that we have to protect our skin from the sun but what about our hair. Have you ever been out in the sun whether it is on a hike or in a pool or anywhere for a long period of time and felt the sun beaming down on your head. This is probably causing sun damage and unless you have some SPF on your hair, you should be running to put a hat on ASAP. If your hair has prolonged exposure to the sun, UVA and UVB rays can damage the cuticle and cause your hair to become dry, brittle, discoloured and split at the ends. The sun essentially acts like bleach and can cause serious damage and is why we may notice our hair gets lighter in the sun. Curly and coily hair is more fragile to sun damage, due to its shape, which is thin, flat and tightly coiled. With curly hair already prone to dryness, this is definitely not ideal but its not like you can spray your suncream all over your hair. Have no fear because I have found some natural SPFs for curly hair that will keep your curls moisturised and protected.
Suncream Moisturiser
Shea Butter
This is an actual suncream for your hair. Shea Butter is a great natural SPFs for curly hair as it has a natural SPF of 10 and can be an effective moisturiser. It is a thick product so can create a barrier between your hair and UV radiation. You can create an easy hair moisturiser that can help protect your hair and keep your hair really moisturised all you will need is some 3 tablespoons of unrefined shea butter, 1.5 tablespoons of olive oil which has an SPF of 7 and 15 drops of red raspberry seed oil has an SPF of 25. Start by melting the shea butter and olive oil in a glass bowl over boiling water. Allow to cool and then add in the red raspberry oil. Now whisk it using an electric whisk for at least 5 minutes till it looks light and fluffy. Then transfer it from a bowl to a container and label. You can now use you hair SPF on sunny days.
shea butter
Hair Serum
Buriti Oil
With three times more anti-oxidising beta-carotene than carrots, Buriti oil is the richest source of beta-carotene (vitamin A aka Retinol) in the world. If that wasn’t enough, Buriti oil is also packed with oleic acid, essential fatty acids and vitamin E for an impressive hydration hit. Buriti oil has strong healing properties, making it an ingredient to note if you struggle with sun damage and dryness. Another natural SPFs for curly hair is Carrot Seed Oil which has an SPF between 38 – 40. To make this Sun protectant hair serum, take a bottle and fill it up 3/5 with Buriti oil, 1/5 olive oil and 1/5 jojoba oil and finally 10 drops of Carrot Seed Oil. This concoction should create a firm barrier from the UV rays and protect your hair while keeping it moisturised and your curls defined.
After Sun
Aloe Vera
As if this product hasn't been spoken for its wonderful benefits for your hair, I am going to talk about Aloe Vera Gel some more. Aloe Vera, in itself, doesn’t provide any sun protection of its own because it doesn't create a barrier to protect against UV rays. It, in fact, cures the damages caused by sun’s rays. So, you can call it more a after-sun treatment. For your hair this is great after a long day in the sun is to put some Aloe Vera in your hair. I would suggest doing this in a mask so it can soak into your hair, however you could always just get some Aloe Vera and rub the gel on your scalp and the crown of your head and run it through your hair. If you want it in a hair mask I like to shake up a can of coconut milk and pour it in a bowl with a generous helping of Aloe Vera gel and then apply it all over your hair and leave it in for 30 minutes before washing out with warm water. This will moisturise and repair your hair.
These are just 3 different types of completely natural SPF products for curly hair you can whip up at home. These can also be made and kept in travel size containers to take on holiday. If you have curly or coily hair, I really recommend trying these out to protect your hair from sun damage. Alternatively you could always keep your hair safe with a sun hat but remember to keep your curls safe. I hope you found this blog helpful and let me know in the comments below which products worked for you.