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Custom Made Curly Hair Products
It should be easier to look after curly hair and with That Good Hair, it is. We create custom made curly hair products allowing you to choose what goes inside of your bottle and what goes on to your hair.

We want to change the world one curl at a time by allowing you to be the best you, you can be and redefining what it is to have
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Hair types vary and you are likely to have multiple curl patterns, but just try and pick the hair types that you think are the closest match
What is your curl pattern?
Hair types vary and you are likely to have multiple curl patterns, but just try and pick the hair types that you think are the closest match
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Custom Cleanser + Conditioner
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Treat your hair to this refreshing natural sulphate-free custom cleanser and moisturising natural custom silicone-free conditioner. This duo embodies a rich assortment of natural conditioning oils and botanicals to replenish and smoothen your hair from root to tip. Expect nourished, revitalised locks with ultimate bounce.

Choose your own base, active ingredients and scent to make your perfect custom blend 100ml cleanser and conditioner. Delivered straight to your door every month in an eco-friendly refillable bottle, this is the perfect solution to your hair goals. Choose either a light weight or thick consistency for your conditioner to moisturise your waves curls or coils.

Free UK Delivery incl.

  • Apply 3/4 pumps of your cleanser in your palms and apply directly to your scalp rubbing in a circular motion to activate your cleanser.
  • Followed by 5-6 pumps of your conditioner for moisture, manageability and vitality. Rub within palms and rake through your hair to coat all of your strands. Allow it to be absorbed for 10 minutes before rinsing to impart its benefits on to your hair.
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Whether your a hair novice or a hair expert you can create something that will work for you. So many have already, and they love it!