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How To Get Curls with Volume

Curl Definition or Volume? Curly hair is so versatile and means that you can change your hair whenever you want. Big curls are beautiful so here are our tricks to get voluminous curls.
As we all know, your hair starts at your roots and so does your volume. If you have a lot of hair or very long hair this can weigh it down because it is heavier making your roots look flat. There are three ways to combat this issue.

Method 1: Get a haircut.
Now I'm not suggesting you hack off all of your hair like a crazy person, but getting some layers can help give your hair more volume and better shape.

Method 2: Hair clips.
I love watching YouTube videos where people go to the hairdressers that are specifically for curly hair and get a DevaCut or a colour or anything at the hairdresser's, I find it so informative. One thing that the hairdressers always do is after washing the hair and before blowdrying it they will get some metal hair clips and clip all of the hair right at the root so the roots can't dry flat to the scalp. This helps to give your hair more volume and can make your hair look thick and bouncy.

Method 3: Shake it out.
After washing my hair or refreshing it with a cleansing foam, I will shake my hair upside down and give it a good shake from the roots. Similar to the clips, this stops my hair from laying flat against my scalp at the roots and is a great way to add volume. I will probably shake it out two or 3 times for 30 seconds flipping my head back up in between so that all the blood doesn’t rush to my head. After this, whatever parting I have had my hair in while it is wet, after it has dried, I will create a parting on the other side to give it some added volume in the front.
Afro Comb
After I cut my hair, I basically went into shock and so have many other people. I had never seen myself with short hair and I felt so strange. My best friend claims she looks like a boy (she does not) but having to rock an extremely different look, can be really daunting. After my mum cut my hair at 14, I hated how short it was an immediately pulled out my straighteners so I could feel a little bit normal again. This is obviously counterproductive so just be aware, it will be short, you will feel strange, people will probably comment on it but you just have to trust the process.
Another issue as to why your hair might be lacking volume and looking a little bit limp is it has product build-up, less is really more when you want volume over definition. You want to use lighter products that won't weigh your hair down. For me, I find applying smoothing oils etc helps give me good volume rather than using thick butter like shea butter or oils like castor oil, these are better for enhancing definition. When it comes to volume a little bit of frizz is good. So far my method for increasing the volume in my hair has been using lightweight refresher sprays.

Products like mousse can be really helpful because they are lightweight and foaming which can help to lift your roots and add body to your hair. A cleansing foam can help to remove product buildup and excess oil that could be weighing down your curls.